Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yesterday, Shelley changed her toning class to "shock" our bodies. Well, believe me, my body is shocked! Ouch! My triceps are killing me! Now I know this is a "good" pain because it means my muscles were stretched, now they will recover, and thus grow bigger and stronger. However, with the amount of pain I'm in, I'm sure I'll have Arnold Schwarzegger triceps by morning! LOL I wish it was that easy, eh? Wouldn't it be cool if after one hard workout, a muscle just "popped" out the next day? I think that's a great idea. And if you do, say 500 crunches, the next day your tummy would be washboard flat. See I'm onto something here :)
Anyway, yes I'm sore, and I know its a good thing. I'll have to work it out tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. I would SOOOO do 500 crunches if it worked that way! :o)
    (ps. my triceps were in agony too!)