Monday, December 21, 2009

asics GT-2140

What a deal I got on these new shoes!!!! I'm so excited I just had to share! These are the shoes I have fallen in love with since I started running. I got fitted and measured and tested at Fleet Feet last year and they said I need a supportive shoe,not just a regular one. I don't remember if I'm over or under- pronated, but its one of them, and the shoe that works for me is the Asics GT-2140. I love them. They don't hurt my feet (unless they are old and breaking down-which is why I have a reason to buy more of them even though I already have 2 pair, plus 2 pair of the 2130's which I heard were pretty close, so when I found those on clearance I picked those up too a few months ago). So anyway, here they are... and they are even in a new color ( I have the white/blue and the turquoise/silver already), this new berry color is great because I wear a lot of pink and fuschia workout clothes---gotta love to match, right? They are so awesome. The sale is great too because they are only $69.99 online at sports authority (free shipping and no tax too!) which makes them even cheaper than spending gas to drive to town and buy them at the store! Normally they are $100, but if you look around u can find them for $89.99. I've never seen them this cheap, not even at the outlet mall! It was such a great deal I had to buy two pairs, and I honestly have to tell you I'm thinking about ordering more if they still have my size... I love these shoes, and I figure when running alot (which I know I'm not right now, but I do hope to start again), they will only last about 6-9 months per pair, so its makes sense to stock up when the price is right, doesn't it? I think so. Although I must admit I have a tendency to "stock up" too much on stuff and that's why I'm debating as to whether I should really buy more than two pairs or not. I mean, this is coming from the woman who has clothes stored away for her kids which they won't grow into for another 2 years! See what I mean about "stocking up"? ha ha.

They feel so awesome!!!!!! I love them, all fresh and cushion-y!

The sale is till 12/24, so u might want to check it out at