Saturday, June 12, 2010

I said no

Was at Lone Star tonight and ordered a delicious salad. I REALLY like salads, so its not hard for me to eat them. Now if I can just make sure to take off the unhealthy toppings (like bacon) then I can be sure they are good for me too. I used to never eat dressing as a kid. Then I slowly began eating italian only. Then about 15 years ago I tried Ranch (on chicken fingers no less! It was Vegas, that was a popular way to eat them there), and I wound up liking it. So mostly I eat the healthier version of dressing (italian or a balsamic), but every once in a while I go through a 'ranch-phase' and want that instead. Fortunately I have come through my latest ranch-phase and am back into my italian/balsamic phase. This is healthier, BUT in the past I've never used alot of dressing, just about one teaspoon for my whole salad (this is easy for me bc remember I used to eat them dry), but lately I've been adding more and more dressing and I'm realizing I have to reel this in bc this is a bad habit to get into. I can totally ruin a healthy salad if its drenched in dressing. Also, I never ate the croutons. I wasn't that infatuated with them and I learned they are the worst item on the salad bar for you, so it was easy for me to fore-go them. But lately with my added dressing consumption , I've realized I like croutons when they get drenched... so not a good thing.I'm not only eating some croutons now but I'm eating too much dressing. So both need to be reeled in.
Anyway , the reason for my post is that an appetizer of spinach dip was ordered, and I didn't eat a drop! not even a chip! and I wasn't feeling deprived, I really did NOT want it, especially since it looked gross and smelled sickening (I think they had sour cream in it and the smell of sour cream makes me nauseous---hey maybe I should spread sour cream on cookies, then I won't eat them!) So I am happy to say I refrained from the appetizer-yippee!
Now I will admit that I really WANTED to order the onion blossom, but I would be the only one who liked it or ate it, so fortunately I didn't. And IF that had been on the table I would have probably ate over half of it, but fortunately that wasn't ordered so I didn't inhale it and I therefore wound up having a pretty good dinner. (Plus a few fried shrimp off my husband's plate, and a few nachos at the bowling alley and 2 cheese sticks there too) No wonder I need to work out so much , eh? Oh well, at least dinner was good, even if the bowling alley fare wasn't.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

not so cool at chili's

So I took the girls to dinner at Chili's a week or so ago because I was craving their Southwestern egg rolls (which I love). While there on a whim I order us a dessert to share. It was some chocolate chip paradise cookie and ice cream concoction. It was tasty... but
today I found out that that dessert is a measly 1600 calories!!!!!! yikes!!!!
This is really bad news because I ate devoured more than half of it myself! That means I probably consumed 1000 just on dessert, not to mention everything else I ate that day. ugh. what a total bummer! You know its actually amazing that with the number of calories in everything EVERYONE (including me) DOESN'T weigh 500 pounds! my goodness!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

check out THESE guns!

Sometimes I get bored with the same old routine...

so I decided to lift my daughter instead of weights ha ha ha Here is my 9 year old flexing her muscles. I think its sad that her 'guns' are better defined than mine, and I'm the one who works out trying to get guns!