Thursday, June 10, 2010

not so cool at chili's

So I took the girls to dinner at Chili's a week or so ago because I was craving their Southwestern egg rolls (which I love). While there on a whim I order us a dessert to share. It was some chocolate chip paradise cookie and ice cream concoction. It was tasty... but
today I found out that that dessert is a measly 1600 calories!!!!!! yikes!!!!
This is really bad news because I ate devoured more than half of it myself! That means I probably consumed 1000 just on dessert, not to mention everything else I ate that day. ugh. what a total bummer! You know its actually amazing that with the number of calories in everything EVERYONE (including me) DOESN'T weigh 500 pounds! my goodness!

1 comment:

  1. No kidding! Isn't it crazy how many calories are in the foods at restaurants?! That's why I'm glad they are going to have to start printing the nutritional information on the menus....can't wait for that day to get here. If we all know how many calories are in our favorite foods, we'll make better nutritional decisions.