Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Running with Rene' and T

My daughter, in an effort to increase her endurance for soccer, has taken our advice and started running. :)
She is doing really good and I am excited for her. I hope she winds up liking it. Right now I'm trying to teach her how to hit heel to toe on her foot strikes, because currently she seems to just be banging them straight down with a loud whack, which is causing sore calves. Also we have been running on the asphalt (which always makes my calves sore too) so I suggested we may want to run in the grass or even on the treadmill. She is doing really  well and I told her if she wanted to do the Aquarium 5K this spring that I would do it with her. She was very excited by that and hopefully we can do it together.  :)

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