Tuesday, August 18, 2009


How's that for a title? I bet it got your attention, didn't it? Well , that's exactly what happened to me today. I went to the gym and wore that green and black outfit that I've talked about on here before. Its the kind of pants u can't wear regular panties with without having MAJOR panty lines, which are WAY unattractive in those kinds of pants. So, I wore the blasted thong.

Obviously this is not my most favorite piece of undergarment. Once in awhile I wear them when need be based on the outfit and I usually get through the day ok (semi-forgetting that I have a piece of fabric crammed up my butt LOL). But there appears to be a major difference in wearing a thong for everyday use, and wearing one while working out. Before class today I went to the restroom to "re-arrange" and TRY to make it more comfortable-no luck of course, but on my way out I ran into my friend Angela and I mentioned my actions. She warned me, "Oh just wait till you're working out and it moves to a very inopportune position-that's no fun".

Now, I had an idea what she meant, and I thought "no, that probably doesn't sound fun" . However, I had no idea what it would be like when it happened.

So of course, during the second class, we are more active (bootcamp) and IT happened.

Yes, it moved where it shouldn't move (maybe too much information-but hear my pain-literally). Certainly not what I wanted to happen. Certainly, a "Thong Gone Wrong" situation. Ugh! Why do we have to wear thongs and why can't they create panties (besides thongs) that don't show pantilines!?

On a brighter note... based on my previous posts about that green outfit, I think you know my comfort level (or lack thereof) in wearing body-hugging pants. Well I wore them today (for the second time mind you) and yes, each time I do I have to "get up my nerve". But today I was pleasantly reassured that it was ok to wear because several ladies came up and told me it was a cute outfit and looked really nice... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! It really makes me feel alot better hearing you say it, so thank you for helping me to gain confidence in this area, I appreciate your kindness :)


  1. Rene, you really do look as cute as I've EVER seen you in that outfit!
    As for the thong---I ALWAYS wear a thong when I work out. I believe the KEY to a good thong work out (ha ha) is having the RIGHT thong.
    Can I just say that the word THONG is sounding very weird right now!!?? I've said (and read) it too many times this morning I guess--that word reminds me of a big rubber thing--like a pool noodle for some reason! ha ha
    Anyway, Gap sells the best thongs for working out (that I've found). They are perfect...and I was going to try to describe them to you on here...but I am having no luck. I'll send you an e-mail of what I'm talking about. (picture).
    Sorry you were having THAT problem yesterday! How miserable! I have worn the wrong kind before and had that happen...it's Bbbbbbbbbaaaad!!
    That is not somewhere you want to be SPLIT in half!
    Ps. Kudos to you for talking about your G-string undies on your blog. You continue to surprise me! :o)

  2. Totally agree! I wear thongs all the time...because of my larger bottom half, I would ALWAYS have panty lines otherwise!!! I love thongs, but I would think you must be wearing the wrong king..My theory, the least amount of material, the better:-)

  3. P.S. Jen, feel free to send the link to me too :-)

  4. LOL!!! I'm so sorry for your pain Rene, but your title totally caught my attention, and I was like "WHAT??!!??" and I had to rush right over and read this! LOL!

    I wear thongs all the time to. Cant stand regular panties anymore, and cant stand panty lines. But I do have some thongs that are definitely NOT comfortable enough for working out...and others that are so comfortable you forget you even have anything on. When you find a good one, it's hard to go back to regular undies.