Saturday, August 1, 2009

My old "before&after" pictures

Well, I said I would do it... so I am. I'm going to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with you.

These "before" pictures were taken Jan 7, 2006, which was 2 months after my second child was born. I'm not sure my exact weight in these pictures. I know I was 155 pounds when I got pregnant and only gained 28 pounds on this pregnancy. But 2 months after giving birth I wasn't back at 155 yet.

Yes, in this first picture I even have "breast feeding boobs" (ie bigger than normal) and yet my stomach is still sticking out farther than my chest-ugh! The thing I realized with pregnancy is that if I gain substantial weight some day in the future (hopefully not) I will gain it like my mom in certain areas such as my back! What a weird place to gain weight, but yes there are fat rolls on my back- I couldn't believe it when I saw them, and I couldn't wait to get rid of them!

Finally after working really hard on increasing my running (I began running during this pregnancy) and getting to workout with Shelley at the gym, who had just started as a substitute instructor back then and who really gave us NEW stuff to do to SHOCK our bodies and get RESULTS... this was my result.

These next pictures were taken July 14, 2007 which is when I weighed 135 pounds. Around Jan 2007 I hit a plateau and couldn't get past 155'ish. With the help of Shelley's classes, Isagenix, and wiser eating choices I went from 155 to 135 in 16 weeks!

These swimsuit pictures are still 10 pounds lighter than I am today, but I am hoping to get back there this fall! Help me do it with your encouraging words and advice! :)

By the way, isn't it pitiful that I always try to flex my biceps and I DON'T HAVE ANY!??!! I need to quit doing that in photos-its certainly not a "gun" if u know what I mean. Anyway, there u have it. I said I'd do it so I did-even though these "before" pictures are pretty scary, it is still motivational that change can happen if u put your mind to it. Which is what I am going to do again in the next month or two. Getting back on track, baby!


  1. You make me want to keep working on it. You are so inspirational and so real about where you are. I should show you my before pictures...thats kinda scary, yikesarama!!!

  2. AMAZING resutls Rene! (although I still think you looked ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS) in the first pictures! I mean GEEZ you just had a baby and you look better than 75% of America! You don't realize what a great body you have! Anyway, I will be MORE THAN HAPPY to encourage you on your way down to 135---just as long as you promise to keep me on the straight-and-narrow to 125. (I'm shorter than you so I think your 135 and my 125 are probably equivilent).
    YAY for posting the pictures! You'll enjoy looking at them again and again and getting that re-newed sense of "I CAN DO THIS!"
    See you Tuesday!

  3. Rene - thanks for the motivation! Funny thing, just when you're looking for motivation, you realize just how much YOU'RE motivating others. Hard work, sweat, and smart choices - it's the only way. I wish you well and will be dropping it to check on your progress. I'm on the road with ya - everyday is a new challenge! But it is SO worth it!

  4. You make me hope that
    1. I can look as good as you do now BEFORE I have children
    2. That someday after I have children, I can look as good as you did after Whitney.

    I wish you saw in yourself, what everyone else sees in you. Love you!