Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The time of my life at Lifetime!

If you know me personally and are a 'friend' on facebook, you know that I have joined the new gym in town that opened about 10 days ago. Its called Lifetime Fitness and its amazing! I love love love it! I love the classes, I love the instructors, I love the amenities, I love EVERYTHING! Its awesome!  Which is a good thing too, because I have been very unmotivated for a long time at my old gym. I have just been to frugal to go anywhere else since my membership there is a lifetime one that is completely paid for (how can you beat $30 year???)  Well, I finally took my husband's advice, and some incentives because I knew some of the people who were going to be instructors there and I already loved their classes, and I went and joined. Oh am I so glad I did!!!!!! I am back to my old 1991 and 2007, super motivated, loving exercise self!!!!!!! I can't wait to get to the gym and if I had my way I'd spend 7 hours a day there! seriously! The first week they were open I had purposely kept my schedule open so I would be free to attend their classes whenever they were (since I didn't know their schedule yet), so I spent those first 4 days of last week filling every minute I could with classes, trying them all out. I love it. I spent a minimum of 3rs there every day, and on Friday I was actually there 5hrs and 10 minutes!!!!! Now granted, I am showering there, and I've also started using the steam room, plus I usually eat lunch in their healthy cafe before I leave, so its not ALL working out, but each class I take is 60min long and I always take 2, except fri I did 3. Then I do some machines and floor work myself as well. Its awesome!  We are currently building a new house and the favorite part of this house to me is the view of the swaying leaves on the trees out our windows. In the floorwork area at the gym, I get this same view!!!!! Its so peaceful and relaxing to me, I love it! I can do my cooling down and toning work there and look out the window at the wind blowing the leaves that are at eye level because we are on the second floor and its gorgeous. But everything about this gym is gorgeous, from the granite bathrooms, to the entryway, to the hallways, to the pool with slides for the kids (!), just everything is awesome! I am completely enjoying myself. The kids and I will certainly take advantage of that pool and cabana area this summer!  My husband is teasing me telling me I am turning into a 'country club wife'. Well, guess what, if this is similar to what being a country club wife is, then I'm all there! I love it!  Actually I wish I had LESS commitments elsewhere (school/PTA/work/home) so that I really could stay there for 7hours a day! I'd be in heaven!  But that's not reality , but I certainly enjoyed it the first week. Now that I'm in week two and I have my normal commitments to attend to as well, I can't be there as much, but I sure try every chance I get. As bad as this sounds, I wish the end of school wasn't just around the corner, because when school lets out I can only work out for 2hrs a day there (childcare is limited to 2hrs) Of course it wouldn't be fair to keep them in there much more than that anyway, but if it was still school season I could stay there much longer :) aaahhhh.    Well, I could go on and on, but I'm really just saying the same thing. I love it! I am re-invigorated, and loving that improved motivation and attitude as well :)   I'm sure my hubby will start loving it too once the pounds start melting back off lol    Maybe that's why those "high maintenance looking wives"  you know the ones I'm talking about, perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect bodies, always dressed nicely... look the way they do... they spend their whole day working on themselves instead of other commitments  :)    well, if I could do that at Lifetime, I'm telling ya, I would! I love it there, and I love love love the classes!  Maybe I should ha ha. Anyway, if you have a Lifetime fitness in your town I HIGHLY recommend joining!

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  1. Sounds SOOOOOOO amazing!! I'm jealous that you're having all this fun without me!! :)