Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hanging strong

Still hanging steady at 145. Nothing much new here. Working out less than I had anticipated at the gym, even though I really like the classes. Just not working well into my schedule right now. But I do get a workout on the treadmill 5 days a week so my exercise is what I would consider 'regular'. Not extreme, but not lazy. My eating is sort of just blah. Food doesn't really interest me right now, unless its fresh cookies, and we all know you can't live on cookies alone. So I am just trying to remember to eat when I am alone, so that I don't forget and therefore slow down my metabolism by not feeding my body regularily. Breakfasts and dinners are pretty normal because I am eating with the kids or family, but sometimes for lunches I am alone and nothing really sounds appetizing, so I don't want anything. I did reorder some of my Isagenix shakes though ( I was out) so now I'll have that option, if I'm too short on time, or not interested in a meal, I can just whip up a shake and know that with the enzymes and nutrients in it I am getting tons of good stuff for my body and also 'feeding' it so my metabolism can keep on track. Hopefully, this will improve my eating schedule. But besides not really being 'into' food right now, everything is just cruising along. I really like it this way. I want it to remain just 'maintenance' and not a 'struggle'. The last time I 'maintained' was in 2007 when I lost 20 pounds and I stayed at 135 for 9 months. I know I'm not quite 4 months into this, and therefore not even halfway to 9 months, but I really want to continue this forever, and not have it be another cycle on a yo-yo. Keep praying for me that this remains my lifestyle!  :)


  1. How is your progress coming now? I notice you have not posted in a little while.

  2. Chris, yes haven't been posting much blogs at all lately, although have thought about it, but other things in life just take precedence. No, not at 145 anymore to answer your question. I'm 155 which is the high side of my typical yo-yo. BUT, I just joined a new gym and am totally re-invigorated! so I expect to be back at 140-145 soon. (I have been very bored with my old gym for a long time now and it wasn't helping me at all). hope to report good things soon. Rene'