Friday, June 15, 2012

Great Work out and new swimsuit!

Did my final 'free' personal training session today. I used my LTBucks to join a T.E.A.M. class that was doing a treadmill routine that focuses on keeping you in heartrate zones 2&3 (fat burning zones). It was a really good workout! I was sweating a ton and the ladies in the class were all very nice and welcoming even though I was joining their 'group' for only one class. We could choose our own speed (in order to keep us in zones 2 and 3, but the trainer told us when to change our incline from 4-15 and also told us when to do weights or bands with our arms as we were walking. It was a really good workout and I wanted to do it so I could copy it at home on my own treadmill :) After class I did some of the machines that Treasa had showed me how to use. It was a little weird NOT doing a group fitness class while I was there, but that's ok. That's what I am trying to do, broaden my workouts and workout more effectively not just more exhaustedly. I am really hoping this pays off, because as I've said, I really don't want to be jumping around for the next 20 years, I would love to learn some new lower impact things that keep me in shape and keep me motivated and working out.  It was a good day.
Then it became even better when my package arrived from Land's End with a new swimsuit in it. I have been looking for the past year for suits that aren't matronly, but aren't showing cleavage. I don't even have big boobs, and even with my small cleavage I feel when I am around men other than my husband that there is too much showing (only stuff my hubby should see). I don't care if other mom's see it, I just don't like other men to see it. And I admit, I wear triangle top string bikinis when I am home at our own pool with no male guests almost all the time, because it allows me to get a fuller coverage tan and then when I wear a more concealing suit there are no untanned areas peaking out.  I also like bottoms that cover my cheekers! Which is impossible if you buy a suit intended for a 'junior', they all seem to be cut with the intention of letting cheeks peek out. ugh. Anyway, I have a booty, and I'm a mom, and I just don't like cheeks hanging out on anyone(I don't care how old u are! and on that topic I can't stand the new fad of wearing suits so small that not only your cheeks hang out , but your butt crack is intentionally showing too! gross! Kim Kardashian, this is NOT attractive!!!!)  Anyway, so I am always looking for good bottoms that cover and fit the hips of a WOMAN , not a 17 yr old who hasn't had kids yet! A few years ago I fell in love with Tommy Hilfiger suits because their bottoms did this (tops still show a bit too much cleavage for me, but I have several anyway). Well, this year when I went to buy some new ones I realized they must have changed the styling on the bottoms because they weren't as full coverage as before :(   I don't like spending a lot of money on swimsuits, in fact I usually buy at the outlet mall out of season and get each piece for between $5 and $10. But I was having such difficulting finding the coverage I wanted, that I ventured into online swimsuit shopping (scary! since u can't try it on!!!)   Land's End has a good return policy that u can return to a local Sears store and not have to pay return shipping. They were recently running a special of $20 off plus free shipping, so I ordered some stuff to give it a try, knowing if it doesn't work out I can return it for free (love Zappos this way, but they don't carry Land's End  and usually don't have much in the line of sales, although I did order about 20 pieces of swimwear recently from them and returned all of them, blah!)
So I see this suit in Land's End that is on sale and it has full coverage bottom AND a top that has a few inches of fabric between the band on the top and the cups. I've realized that if most tops just connected the fabric at this middle point it would cut out the cleavage I am trying to conceal. I was excited to see the style and I liked the pattern, plus it has some little nautical ties that make it cute.  I LOVE IT! Here is a picture, because even though I don't look perfect in it, I am super happy with it and the fit! It achieves my goal so I am willing to share my picture(even though I'm working on losing 10 pounds still) I am even posting the not super flattering rear shot (really HOW flattering can a behind picture be when you've got junk in the trunk like me? ;) ha ha, but I'm ok with showing you, because I think this suit is great and good enough to wear in front of  men besides my hubby and not feel weird.  Plus I think the top is secure enough to do water sports and not run the risk of readjusting or slipping out.  Great suit! Loved it so much I went back on line tonight to try to buy it in more colors, but sadly they are out. Hopefully they will carry this same cut, in new prints/colors next year :) fingers crossed!

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