Saturday, December 22, 2012

been a long time

wow, not only has it been a long time since I've blogged, but its been a long time since I've worked out!    Its now days before Christmas and this all started the week before Thanksgiving!  I cut out my gym visits because I needed to put in more hours at the office to compensate for my planned absence, as I was going to be out of town for a few days. Well, that trip took an unexpected change (my father was very ill) so I stayed a week. When I did get back home, I was even more behind at work (since I had stayed longer), so I went to the office instead of the gym for another week. Well, we are up to three weeks now of no gym classes (just simple treadmill work at home each morning). About this time, I not only have Christmas, and school responsibilities to handle, but also need to prep at the office for end of year functions, as well as pre-compensate again at the office for work I know I will miss over Christmas vacation (the girls are off for 2 full weeks so we are planning to spend that whole time at our new vacation house we just finished last month).  So..... I haven't been working out much at all to say the least! But you know what?!  I am fine with it. I have realized over the last couple of years that 'working out' doesn't need to define who I am, and I actually prefer that it doesn't. It is no longer an 'idol' in my life like it used to be, and I am still quite happy (even though I would like to lose a few pounds) . The funny thing though is, I went 3.5 weeks with very minimal treadmill work (one week in the middle had absolutely NOTHING, because I was in MI) and I didn't gain a single pound!
So I've got a new plan ;)   I'm sure you'll like it if you like humor ;0
it is, to take 3 weeks off, then go to the gym for a week and do regular schedule classes (these will be super hard for me, having had 3 weeks off, so they will SHOCK my body and I'll lose a pound or two from the CHANGE). Then I'll take 3 weeks off again (just maintain, eat healthy, do little bits of treadmill), then do another regular week of classes. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Sounds like a great plan, eh???  anyway, I am laughing myself. You can see I don't take this  stuff too seriously anymore. I have realized there are way to many other things in life than how many hours I spend at the gym. Plus it probably doesn't help any that I no longer have my fun group of friends working out with me since I moved gyms. Honestly, I stayed at my old gym for soooo long , just for the people. Now without those people at my new gym (even though this gym is AMAZING! and the best place I have ever worked out before!), it doesn't have the 'staying power' that your friends provide.  We'll see what I do in the future. Its not very fun not being with my friends working out, but I hate to leave this place because its so nice, and worse yet, if I went to where my friends are, that place is one of the worst (dirty filthy broken etc). I tried to get my friends to join me, but only one has so far and its been almost 9months :(

anyway enough about that. I wrote this to tell you about the fun workout I did with the girls 2 days ago while here on vacation. We have a gameroom with no games yet, so the whole floor is wide open wood flooring with a big tv on the wall. So we loaded in a Jillian Michaels last chance workout dvd and the girls and I went at it! It was fun doing it with them!  :)  we had a ball!
We are about to go take out dog for a walk on the walking trails (our exercise for the day), and this morning we had a craft contest and hot potato game marathon. Fun days!   Now I just need to beat this stuffy head that is trying to sabotage my vacation! 

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

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  1. Seems like you and I are moving along our fitness journey in a similar fashion. It's just not as SERIOUS as it once was for me either, and I'm totally fine with that...happy actually. I don't want it to be who I am...just something I do to stay healthy (and make an income) :) I do wish I had a treadmill though because I really WOULD like to add running into my schedule at least a couple of times a week and where I live, it is just NOT possible unless I drive somewhere (like the track). When I start back to my classes on Jan 7th, I will have had 5 weeks of just doing workouts at home by myself and even though it works and I LOVE the convenience of doing them whenever works for me that particular day....I also miss the comradare of doing it with friends. I wish Lifetime didn't cost an arm and a leg! :) You know there any chance we could go for a workout together there sometime soon? I would love to take a class with you and I'm not as busy now!
    Great job not gaining a pound over the holiday's too! Just proves you live a healthy lifestyle. (no going on "diets") :)