Thursday, June 18, 2009

new workout gear

Ok, I REALLY am going to stop swinging by Academy and Sports Authority to check out their sales, because I REALLY need to stop buying more workout clothes. I definately have enough! I've realized why I'm doing this is (obviously I like to shop-but we already knew that!) is because I've decided not to buy any regular summer clothes like shorts and capris because I think I have enough (can u believe I am actually admitting that?!-don't let my husband read this eh, or he'll never let me live it down that I actually admitted I have enough of something!) So... to satisfy my "shopping desire" I've been buying workout clothes like a madwoman-actually I could put on a fashion show with pictures of all the new stuff I've bought this summer, but I won't do that-probably too boring. But I did want to post this new outfit. One, because it has a really pretty back (although there I am trying to pose and flex my muscles, but the problem is I don't see any! What's the deal with that!? At the gym when I'm lifting weights I see them. Is it the lighting there that casts shadows on the muscle ridges, or is it that when I have weights in my hands that's the only time they show? Probably both. Bummer, but no biceps here--but it is a pretty back isn't it?) And two, because I normally don't wear these kind of pants (but I do think the whole outfit together is cute), so I took some pictures before I took the tags off to make sure I really like the outfit enough to feel comfortable in it and keep it. Its a stretch for me. I'm not one of those people who wears tight or form-fitting clothing anywear (Not even those form fitting black pants that all the girls have been wearing for a couple years), so I had to make sure my confidence was up there enough to wear it. I showed Jen some more of the pix to get her opinion (is it obscene or ok to wear this? ), she gave the go-ahead (although, I do have to point out that I had no pictures of my behind in these pants-so IF I do wear them to the gym , she may regret her decision to recommend that I wear them once she's beside me and we start doing "running man" or something and my butt starts jiggling like a basketball!) Beware! ha ha

Anyway, here is another picture that shows the pants have this cute band on top that matches the green tops. I really do like it, I just hope I feel ok enough to wear it. Go ahead and weigh in, and tell me what U think. The tags are still on it, should I return it or keep it? Gosh , I could have made this a poll-ha ha.


  1. You look like one hot mamma my dear! Wear it and be proud!
    Ps. Loved your rendition of the class this morning. I think I may have dramatized it a bit more than you did. Or maybe you are just in that much of better shape than me and it wasn't as hard to you as it was to me..?!! Anyway, was there really only 22 of us there? I thought there were like 50. Goes to show how awful I am with numbers. I just knew there was a LOT more than I expected! Now that it's a few hours later, I feel like I've been RUN OVER with one of those tractor tires! whew!! I wonder how Rachel is feeling now that she's had a couple of hours to recoup. I bet laying by the pool at the water park felt nice! I know my shower sure felt good!

  2. Cute clothes! You should so wear those pants. They are super cute. I wear workout pants and shorts like that all the time. They are super comfy and they move well with you during the workouts (no pinching, riding up, etc).

  3. I hope you kept the pants, they look great on you. I love the outfit. Now if only I worked out...keep it up, you really do look amazing!