Wednesday, March 17, 2010

no workouts in a while

Its crazy, but I haven't worked out in about 2 weeks! I did go on vacation last week skiing so I do consider the skiing a workout (I break a sweat doing it), but even including that, my last day of skiing was one week ago today! I usually push myself really hard when snow skiing or waterskiing, because to me they are workouts that are fun and therefore don't feel like workouts. But I want to get the most out of them as possible so I cut as many turns as a can and drive my skiis into the snow or water to really work my legs. However, on this trip I was pretty much fighting off either a cold or altitude sickness the whole time, so I took it pretty easy the first two days. The third day I finally went down some black diamond runs (for those of u who don't ski, green is the easiest, blue is middle, black diamond is hard, and double black is really hard). So the third day we did some blacks, but my hubby was having sore knees so we didn't do as many as I'd hoped. Either way, I tried to squeeze as much as a workout out of that last day as I could, but it just didn't seem like I'd given it all I had, since I was saving some energy just to walk (remember I was getting sick). So anyway, we headed home and I DID get sick, and still am, which is why consequently I haven't been working out on the treadmill or going to the gym at all. Hopefully, I'll be all better by Fri, because we are hosting a birthday party sleepover for my daughter and her friends. I need energy!!!!! :)

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