Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am not a stalker... I Promise!

So as you probably know, I am a big fan of the Biggest Loser. We watch it every week as a family, and we use it to try to teach our kids that our bodies need to be healthy on the inside too. Eating bad stuff not only adds fat, but hurts our heart, arteries, blood sugar (diabetes), etc. So you can imagine how excited we were last season when TWO of the contestants were from our town/area. Even more exciting as the season progressed was that one of those contestants became the winner (Danny Cahill).
Now I'm not a stalker, and I've even seen celebrities or psuedo-celebrities in person before (usually at the airport), like David Spade and Mrs. Bonatucci (that might not be her name, right now I can't remember it. She was the wife of the New Jersey body shop owner who had an affair with a teen girl, who then came to their house and shot his wife in the face-tabloid lore from about 15 years ago). Anyway, when seeing these people, I didn't feel the need to say hi, or get their autograph or picture or but into their lives in any way.
However... with the BL, we followed them every week and rooted for them, and sort of felt a "connection" just because they live in the vicinity. Plus our class at the gym would always discuss the episodes and root for him. Soooo, when I saw him, I just HAD to MEET him. Now I have to admit... I was hoping to someday actually meet him, but I thought it would be at a different gym that he supposedly normally goes to. My friend goes there, and I figured I'd need to do a "guest pass visit" and hopefully get to meet him. And of course get my picture taken with him too :) Every time I see this friend I ask her "so, did ya see him yet? Did you say hi? did you tell him about your weight loss journey(hers is incredible too, and she did it all on her own-over 100 pounds!)" , and every time she'd say "no , I haven't seen him".
I'm a bit of a fanatic I guess.
So imagine my surprise when today I was on the AMT before class just chugging away watching my little tv with my earphones in, when I realize Danny Cahill is standing not 2 feet from me talking to his wife! That's right! Danny Cahill at MY gym! I didn't even have to visit that fancy expensive gym to get to meet him in person! ha ha. So this is how it happened...
I'm almost done with my program so I take off my earphones and turn off the tv and my eyes just start wandering around the room for the last minute or so, when I realize that the guy standing not 2 feet away from me is Danny Cahill! I take a second look, and start to doubt myself. "Maybe that's not really him, maybe its just someone similar, boy would I be a fool to say something and then it NOT be him!" But I look at the woman one machine over from me(her friend was on the machine next to me) and I realize, "YES indeed THAT IS his wife, so that HAS to be Danny!" Silly as this is, I start getting nervous. I want to talk to him, but what do u really say? There is so much I want to say, but I don't want to be a freak! lol After all our discussions in class, I really want them to come to our classes and work out with our group so we can all get our butts kicked together by our version of Jillian, Shelly-Core! But how do you tell someone "yea, I want to work out with you so I can see you sweat as I sweat and then I'll somehow feel like I've gotten a "last chance workout" in with you" ????
Its really not normal is it? lol
So anyway, I DO, interrupt their conversation, and very quickly I say that I just realized who they were, and I'm so excited to meet them, and my kids and everyone rooted for them "Go BA", and so excited about what they've accomplished". He thanks me and shakes my hand, and I leave as non-chalantly as possible (is that even possible?)
And why on earth is NO ONE ELSE molesting them like I did???!!!! Am I the only crazy one here? Is that why they came to this gym, to get away from the weirdos at their old gym? Did I just run them off from our gym with my silly exuberance?
I hope not. I think it would be really cool if they became regulars there and actually took the same classes I did. Because quite honestly, (I'm competitive-surprise, surprise!), and I want to see if I can keep up or work out harder than someone who has survived the wringer of Jillian and Bob. Yes, its true, and now I've said it out loud. I want to see if I'm as tough as him.
So please, Danny, if you ever read this (yea right lol) come to Shelley's classes so we can all workout together! LOL :)

Oh by the way, I didn't have my camera with me (Darn, Darn, Darn!), so I have no physical proof of this encounter, but I really wish I did! Ooohhhh I so wanted a picture of me and Danny Cahill, or Me and Jillian-that would be even better! (Although I'd probably look like a freakish amazon next to her because I hear she is just incredibly tiny tiny tiny).


  1. That is Amazing!!! Don't worry girl, you're not a freak. I'd have done the same thing. You don't want to live with regrets of "what if I'd only...." It never hurts to tell someone how much you admire them. I bet they were flattered by you saying hello to them, knowing they have inspired so many people must be a great motivator to keep it up. :)

  2. I just have to know, is he still not looking like he has gained? I heard his wife has lost like 60 lbs too. You should have asked him for a CD!! Just kidding.LOL

  3. I would have done the same thing! Okay, I'm going to play tennis today, then to the gym 3 times next week....there it's in writing, it's a contract :)