Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh Drat!

What happens when you bake and eat cookies constantly for 2 weeks?

You don't fit in your cute purple shorts anymore.

What a bummer! I guess I need to kick it in gear again. I need to stay consistent so its not yo-yo all the time. The problem is that I don't kick it in gear and stick with it unless I'm mad and VERY frustrated with myself. And quite honestly, right now I'm pretty happy. Therefore I don't have that extra stamina to keep me away from those blasted (yummy) cookies! Yes, I'd like to be in the purple shorts, and all the capris and shorts from 2007, but... I'm pretty happy with my new clothes that fit NOW, so I'm not in any huge hurry to change the way these things fit on me and therefore I'm not pushed to make that change. Oh well. We'll see what happens. I guess I could start wearing my old jeans (which are probably tight and would make me mad, and thus make me kick it in gear), but I LIKE wearing my new jeans, they are much cuter so I don't WANT to wear the old ones. Since the new ones fit, I'm just not that determined to make any huge changes.
There you have it the life of a yo-yo.

1 comment:

  1. I COMPLETELY understand that whole thing. My favorite jeans are too big right now...but just barely. My newest jeans are too tight..but just barely. I really need to go one way or the other! haha...okay, I guess that's just dumb because OBVIOUSLY I do NOT want to GAIN so I can fit into my fav jeans. I need to just give them away! If only I could find someone who would appreciate them as much as I do! haha
    At least you consistently workout, whether its high or low intensity..that is what is good for your heart and body!