Thursday, February 4, 2010

those purple shorts

I posted earlier that I was very excited after doing the cleanse to finally be able to wear my purple shorts again. I actually have two pair, one I've worn before (earlier last summer when I was about 141), and a new pair that I bought on sale to match this pink top shown, that I never even wore, because by the time I found them on sale I had gained weight, and when I gain weight it goes to my butt and thighs first, so bottoms are the first thing to not fit me right anymore. So after the cleanse, one of the "tests" was to see if I could fit into these two shorts... and I did! yippee! They actually fit and my rear didn't peek out (ok lets be honest, HANG out! Peek just sounds cuter ha ha). So there you have it... ta-da! they fit! And yes I'm a bit corny, I like to match most everything from picture frames on a wall, to the color running shoes I'm wearing with my gym clothes. So this outfit is a bit matchy-matchy, what with the purple sports bra peeking out an all, but I still like it, and I'm so happy to get a chance to wear them. Now if I can just make sure I KEEP being able to wear them ! :)


  1. Renee - you look soooo AWESOME!!!! Way to go girl - that is something to be proud of!!! =)
    We sure are proud of you!


  2. Lookin' good girl! I'm one of those "have to match" people to. So I LOVE it, and totally get it. :)

  3. Lookin' good girlfriend! I love the pose look so triumphant! :o)

    You always look fabulous...but I'll admit, standing next to you in the front row...with all your matchy-matchyness...makes me a bit I have to make sure I look at least HALFWAY matching and descent! haha

    I'm getting really excited about next week! I can't believe I'm teaching 3 times in one week! Eeek!

  4. my clothes may match, but YOUR face and hair are always so beautiful and perfect. Not like mine, where my hair is matted to my head in sweat and I'm SSSOOOOOOO attractive I'm sure-ha ha so don't worry about a thing-you always look AWESOME up there!