Sunday, January 31, 2010

1 month down, 11 to go

At the first of the year I said I was going to try to give up queso and chips at restaurants. I purposefully didn't give up all queso, because I know a few times a year we'll have a BBQ cookout or party and I'll serve chips and queso. I will want to eat it and I will. However, whenever I go to a mexican restaurant I gorge on chips if queso is present. If there is no queso I can eat just a few with salsa, or none at all. So because of this, I told myself to give up queso at restaurants for one year. Well, we are one month into it (today is 1/31/10) and I have succeeded. Yippee! Now I will share that one night we did get takeout and Dan got queso for the girls, of which I did have a few bites of. (But technically it wasn't AT a restaurant right? ha ha even though it was FROM a restaurant lol). Anyway, I still consider this a successful month in this venture. Not to mention we went to a mexican restaurant after church today for lunch and I didn't eat the queso, OR one single chip! :)

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