Sunday, January 10, 2010

kick start

I'm gonna start another blog to write about this stuff (someday when I have extra time- ha ha), so I can keep my kiddo updates and health/wellness posts separate, but until then, I'm going to post it here.
So here goes, tomorrow I start my Isagenix cleanse. I haven't done a successful one since 2007 (the infamous year when I lost 20 pounds, 15 of which I have gained back, hence the reason for the cleanse and kick start). I know how it feels to have my desires change, so I am kick starting my body with (hopefully) a quick (and not so easy) weight loss jump, so that when I see those pounds gone on the scale it helps me mentally to change my wants (food-wise). This is what happened before, when I saw success, I no longer desired the m&m's because the smaller clothes felt better than the candy tasted. But 95% of my health focus is mental, so I know for me, I've got to get that positive mental boost before I can STICK WITH the rest of it (exercise and eating sensibly). So here goes, it starts tomorrow. Our church is doing a fast this week, so I thought I'd start my cleanse at the same time and my fast could be the cleanse (because essentially these cleanses ARE fasts-you eat virtually nothing except yucky tasting "snack" tabs, shakes (which aren't TOO bad), and horrific tasting cleanse liquid.) Makes you wanna run out and get some doesn't it? :) Well, I didn't buy it this time, its stuff I paid a fortune for 2 years ago (and is technically expired, but I hope it will work anyway), so I am going to use it up, hopefully achieve my desired results and then move forward with a stronger conviction to eat healthfully , and therefore continue to lose weight to my desired goal. And you know what, I would LOVE a pair of those jeans that have the sparkly crystal crosses on the back pockets... but I just don't want to put sparkles on my big behind right now! I figure when my booty gets smaller those crosses will look much cuter, so that's my goal too, get back to 135, so I can buy a pair of those jeans :) Got to have incentive right? :) wish me luck , and I will keep u posted on my success!

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  1. ohhh...I should've read this before I left that last comment. You "paid a fortune" for that I suppose I won't be doing it. Blah!
    Anyway, I hope this is just the kick start that you need! I wonder how you are doing right now? It's 1:14 pm on Wednesday and I am VERY HUNGRY. I've been trying to drink a gallon of water every day beginning yesterday. I got my gallon in yesterday and I'm 1/3 of the way done with today. The toilet is my best friend! ha ha
    The jeans with the cross on the back pockets...!?! hmmm...what brand is that?
    I honestly think you look pretty fabulous right now...but I know what you mean...if I could get this last 10-15 pounds off, I would feel much more comfortable with myself..and in my clothes!