Friday, January 15, 2010

Day #5

Not much time for details, I'll post those later, but let me share the awesome news I have...
I've lost 9 pounds so far! and counting 13 measuring points, I've lost 13 inches so far which includes a half inch in each thigh, 2.25 inches in my abdomen, 1.5 inches in my butt, and 2 inches in my waist! (the important regions I say) ;) I put on a pair of jeans that were snug in my thighs Sunday (but fit good everywhere else), and today they feel great in my thighs (can even pinch an inch of extra fabric while wearing them!), and are slightly baggy on my butt! I love baggy pants (when they used to be tight or didn't fit! Its the greatest feeling!)
Also, burned 1200 calories today while watching Biggest Loser on DVR with my friend Jen. What a great day!

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