Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 7

Woke up today and weighed myself. Still at 140, (almost 141), so still have a 9-10 pound loss. Today though was the first day I ate a meal at a restaurant since starting the cleanse. We went to a pizza place after church. I chose a salad and I also ate 2 pieces of mushroom&green olive pizza. I DID however refrain from eating even ONE deep fried mushroom! Oooohhh that was hard too! They looked really good, but my husband and mother in law both said the breading wasn't very good, so that made me feel a bit better. But it would have been so much easier if they hadn't even been ON the table! ugh! I did tell my daughter b4 we went there that we would not be ordering mozzerella sticks (she threw a fit of course), but I know I love theirs, and it would have been anguish not to eat them. Unfortunately, my father in law didn't know my struggle and he ordered the mushrooms (oops).
I figure what I ate was about 750 calories (and I'm erring on the side of caution, rounding higher just in case. Hopefully it was lower). I'll drink a shake tonight so I think it will be ok, because honestly, my intake hasn't been 400-600 cal meals this week. Probably closer to 300-400 since all I've eaten is a giant salad once, and those tomato cucumber sandwiches the other days. (plus I changed it from 2 string cheeses on a sandwich to only one, so save about 100 calories). I'm ok I think. I'll tell u what... my hubby likes my body 10 pounds lighter-woohoo! and that's what makes me happy too!!!!! Now its time to (lose 5 more pounds) and maintain.
I can do it.
I will do it.
I have done it before (for 9 months), I will do it again! but longer or FOREVER this time!
I'm ready for some kick butt gym classes. At church today they were jumping and dancing and I wanted to do our frog jumps from the gym (u jump straight up and bring your heels up to try to touch you butt as your knees go out the the sides). However I couldn't because I was wearing a skirt and it probably wasn't the "right" type of jumping for the situation (ha ha), but my mind was there-I wanted EXERCISE! Watch out Shelley (my instructor), the Rene' you remember from the beginning is bbbbaaaaccccckkkkkkk! woooooohhhhhooooooooo!! Can u tell I am excited?!

Tried on my favorite brown J.Crew cords from 2007 and they are skin tight still (bummer), but I think I am VERY close to wearing my purple shorts again that I posted about on my first blog last summer (and unfortunately gained weight after I bought them so I quit wearing them!)
Its fun to wear stuff that's been in your closet "unwearable" for so long!

I will admit though, I think I am getting a bit cranky. My patience level seems to be a bit shorter with the girls these past two days. (I know that sometimes happens with me when I don't have real food, so I don't want to take this to an extreme because my weightloss is not more important than my family). I told Dan last night "I just want to eat. I'm not hungry, I just want the taste and sensation of eating!" He said I was weird, but its true. Today helped. Being able to eat a good yummy salad out of the house in the company of people. It felt good. I just wished the pizza had tasted better so it would have been more "worth it". (I ate my salad first so my pizza was not super hot-bummer). Anyway, I've got a lot of computer stuff to do so I'll write more later.

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