Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 9

Today is supposedly the end of the cleanse/fast, but since yesterday and today I didn't do any cleanse drinks (bc I don't have any), its just sort of blended into my "continue to work at it and maintain season". In an effort to do that, I started the day with a 200 cal burn on the treadmill, had a isagenix shake for bfast, went to the gym and had one of the best workouts I've had in a long time (sure I was tired after each set, but I felt like I could still stand-lately I've been feeling like if I don't sit between sets I'll pass out-so it felt great to feel energized again!). Burned 750 calories there. Then munched a few brazil nuts and one snack tab otw to sam's club. When I got home I wound up doing 300 more calories on the treadmill because... I ate 140 calories worth of frozen thin mint cookies. (not my best moment, but at least I made up for it). And here's the deal... the girls brought home cookies from grandma's Monday and they have been sitting on the counter and I keep seeing them (they look pretty good), so finally I tore off a tiny piece to try it. It wasn't as good as I'd hoped but now I had cookie taste in my mouth and wanted more so I pulled out the frozen ones, ate them, then promptly got on the treadmill to burn them off! Definately was not worth it. They didn't even taste that great. And.... once they were in my mouth they DIDN'T satisfy me, so I kept craving something else. Fortunately I knew what was happening so I didn't eat anything else, I got on the treadmill instead. But that's what happens, that food doesn't provide any filling sensation or completeness so u just wind up craving and wanting more , and thus eating more. WHEREAS, if I had eaten a fresh orange, or celery stick it would have satisfied and I'd be done. I need to not cave into those stupid cookies. I KNOW to eat the healthy, fiber-rich , good-for-me food, so I just have to make sure I DO!
Anyway, decided to eat dinner with the family instead of a shake so I ate a bunch of steamed broccoli (good for me) and a little bit of chicken casserole (but I only ate the noodles really bc I gave all the chicken to my daughter, bc honestly I really don't like much meat). So the casserole wasn't the healthiest but I only ate a little, and the broccoli was incredibly healthy so I'd say it was a good day. Don't know my weight, but I do know those purple shorts fit me and I'm VERY happy! Its funny bc I was talking to a friend at the gym who has several pair of those same shorts (we both love them), and I mentioned that I could finally wear them again now that I was 140, but couldn't when I was 150 because my butt would almost hang out. And she said she was 148 right now and had no problem wearing them (and didn't-they looked great), but the difference between us was that I gain in the butt and thighs, so immediately my pants won't fit when I gain weight. But she gains in her stomach, so even though she had gained, her pants weren't a problem for her. Isn't that funny how we are all so different in our body shapes and stuff. Because technically her and I are about the same height so when our weight is the same you'd think we'd be identical, but we're not. God made us each unique and that's why we've all got different stories to tell and mountains to climb :)

Tomorrow I am planning on eating shakes&tabs all day bc tomorrow night I'm making my yummy(although not perfectly healthy) chicken pot pie again. I figure if I know I'm going out or eating something I can maintain by eating extra sensibly during the day to sort of bank my calories as Jen says. We've got a busy week with church meetings, dentist appt, work, girls' pictures and a bball game, so we'll have to see how this all plays out :)

I'll tell u one thing for sure... I AM MOTIVATED. I FEEL GREAT. I AM HAPPY. I AM FOCUSED. These are all good things so I plan to be able to stay on track because of them.

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