Thursday, January 7, 2010

yet another blog???

Because I am starting to focus again on weight loss and healthy eating, my thoughts are here and I want to blog about my progress etc. BUT, since this blog has become more of a family up-to-dater, I don't think my relatives will be that interested in reading those posts, just as my followers are mostly not interested in family details probably. So I am contemplating starting another blog JUST for health, and keep this one for family. Not sure yet what I will do, what do u recommend?


  1. I'll tell's been a good decision for me.
    Before when I only had 1 blog, I always kind of cringed when I posted much about eating/exercise because I KNEW there were people who didn't want to hear about it. On the otherhand, it's a big part of my life and I REALLY wanted to talk about it. I definitely think the 2 different blogs has given me the freedom to say ALL that I want about exercise/eating on my fitness blog and then on my "family" blog, I can ramble on and on about my kids and the silly things they do/say and don't have to worry that my fitness buddies are sitting there rolling their eyes. It's the best of both worlds. Speaking of other's about time for an update on the other one isn't it? :o)
    One drawback to having the 2 differen blogs, for me, has been that sometimes I really want to post something on BOTH of them...but then I hate to do that when I know some people read them both. (which is when I usually put a link to the other blog--like I did with my "good news" post)
    Have you read that one yet?
    BTW..I'm going to comment on your poll....but I really have NO IDEA what the going rate is...because I haven't had a babysitter in YEARS (other than my mom).

  2. I did it.
    It makes it much easier. I have family who read my main blog, just to read up on what is going on with us and see pictures of the boys.
    However, my passion is health and fitness. So by having the other blog, I can talk all I want about it, and they don't have to read it. But my other buddies who are interested in health and fitness can read it, without having to read through all of our family updates.
    It's been a great decision for me. I think you will find it much easier and more freeing.