Tuesday, January 19, 2010

day 8 recap

Well, day 8 didn't go as well as I'd hoped.
Here is what was supposed to happen...
I was supposed to repeat the "cleanse days" of day 1&2 on day 8 & 9. But I don't have any more cleanse drink left (remember this was left over product, I didn't buy a whole new set and since I'd tried to do the cleanse before and not finished it-last yr I think-I had already used one of the bottles). So my plan was to drink the shakes, eat the "snack" tabs and almonds, and either skip the meal or eat sensibly.
Toss that all out the window (eek).
Started off ok drinking my shake b4 I left for work.These shakes aren't portable though unless u take the powder separately to mix bc once they are mixed u have to drink it immediately or the enzymes are lost. So instead of hassling with bringing it, I just grabbed a slimfast shake to take with me for lunch at the office. I also planned on eating my snack tabs every hour and a half (they recommend that. I think getting 'something' in your tummy helps keep your metabolism up so your body doesn't go into starvation mode and slow down its metabolism). Well, anyway, wasn't hungry at work, was too stressed and too busy to do it so I didn't eat anything there except that slimfast drink. Came home and intended to make a dinner, but Dan was starving and didn't want to wait the hour for it to cook, so we went to the chinese buffet (eek). I did eat sauteed green peas and mushrooms but that would be about the only thing considered low-calorie on my plate unless spring rolls, eggrolls, wontons, and fried shrimp (&sweet/sour sauce) count! Evidently not! So not only did I not do the plan well today, but I ate probably 1000 calories for dinner (yikes!)
The only good news is I woke up early today to get in a good pre-gym workout. AND.... last night b4 bed I tried on the two pair of infamous purple shorts... and they BOTH fit! So I'm wearing one of them today to the gym. Maybe I'll snap a picture and post it later. I know one meal won't ruin everything. So I am back at it today working hard and watching what I eat. I want to continue to lose and then maintain this weight. I don't want to go right back to 145-150 and have this past 9 days just be a waste. I'll keep u posted.

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  1. Rene,...so you flubbed on meal. no biggie! You did GREAT and the best part is your back on track..which is the MOST important thing! I can't wait to see the purple shorts!!