Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Why is it that when I was smaller I was so self-conscious about wearing body-hugging workout pants, yet now that I've gained weight... I don't care too much that I'm not perfect in them. I actually look worse than I did before, yet I wear them more often now. Maybe the cold weather has something to do with that. It certainly makes a difference when its freezing outside as to whether I have capris on, or bare legs with shorts. I'll take the capris!
I've come to the determination that I don't look perfect in them, but 98% of the population doesn't either. So why should I be so concerned about wearing them? Everyone else wears them with all kinds of shapes and bodies. I mean seriously, there are only a few people who look absolutely perfect in them. By perfect I mean... flat tummy, no extra saddlebag thighs, cute perky butt (not flat, not saggy, not huge), muscular legs, and no muffin top. So this explains why there are so many people who DO wear them and aren't perfect, because gosh, that's a high standard to attain... perfection. So I guess my thought is this... I've accepted the fact that I'm not perfect. That has made me less self-conscious about my body, because I am accepting it for what it is. That has therefore, allowed me to wear those pants more often and not care what I look like in them (at least not enough to NOT wear them ha ha). Strange isn't it? I don't know I just thought it was. What do u think?


  1. I haven't worn shorts in years...I think it's difficult for us women to accept what we've got or what we don't, and ultimately to be less self-conscious. No matter the shape or size.

  2. Rene, I'm cracking up because I actualy thought this exact thing about YOU on Tuesday.
    I thought, "well...look at her! She's wearing those black pants and isn't worried about it! And she looks HOT!"
    You have NOTHING to be worried about. I see NO saddle bags..I see a flat tummy, I see a cute butt, I see nice, lean, long legs. I don't know what is wrong with the mirrors in your house if that is not what you see. :o)
    And I loved that shirt and together with those pants...that was like the tiniest and cutest I've seen you--maybe ever.
    You need to have more confidence because you have a FABULOUS body. And btw..and I'm not just saying this...when we were doing one of the exercises and your back was to me I could see all kinds of definition in your shoulders and back. I wish I could video you while we're working out so you could see how awesome you look!

  3. I was thinking this myself the other day.
    I think it's the beauty of being in our 30s. We are more confident in who we are. We know our husbands love us, and think we are hot. So who cares what anyone else thinks! I love this freedom!!
    Yes I still get self conscious when we are going out with his friends, because I want him to be proud to have me on his arm. But for the most part, I'm much more confident now, than I ever was in my 20s.