Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baking with Rene'

Here's the story... we are about to get a winter storm. We've known about this for days. I've not been too concerned because 1. people always overreact. 2. the weathermen are not always right. 3. I have a 4-wheel drive vehicle so if I HAVE to go somewhere I'm not too concerned. and 4. I grew up in Michigan so I'm used to driving in snow and it doesn't bother me. However... now I wonder if maybe I should have been a little more prepared (I mean my husband has even been running around for the past two days getting a generator hooked up to our house so that we can have power if the power lines fail like they did in '07 (we were in Hawaii at the time, but evidently our house had been without power for 5-7 days while we were gone-something I certainly don't want to deal now since we are here).
So, today, as the forecast calls for the freezing rain to start this afternoon, I start thinking (while lifting weights in my pump class at the gym, mind you) that if it really is going to be a ice/snow storm that I'll need to bake (for those of you who don't know me, I ALWAYS bake when the weather is rainy, chilly, snowy, or sometimes even just overcast). So while lifting weights I am concocting new cookie recipes in my head. Here is what I came up with: cranberries and walnuts, cranberries/pecans/wht choc chips, choc chip, and choc chip with walnuts. So, while everyone else is at the store buying water, batteries, and propane canisters... what am I buying? cookie ingredients! Yes, I am insane probably ;) But at least my sweet tooth will be satisfied as I'm hunkered down for the weekend :)
Now that just means I need to work out extra hard, so treadmill, here I come!


  1. Rene, I love you! You are so funny! I really want to bake today too since the kids are out of school and we're inevitably going to get BORED. (the satellite is out of commission as well)...but I'm SCARED!!! If I bake---then any chance of reaching my 15 pound goal soon is out the window. I have no self-control around dessert. I proved that last night. My mom made oatmeal, walnut, chocolate chip cookies and I ate FOUR!!! First one and then another every hour until I went to bed!

  2. I love baking, but try to avoid it, unless my husband is home. If he's here I know I wont give in to the temptation to eat one. If he's not around, it's easier to sneak a taste...and if I do that, it's really hard to stop at just one little nibble....
    Not good for my weight-loss goals.

  3. wow, KC you are strong! I bake all the time and I eat probably 75% of each batch myself! and Jen... I usually eat 6(!) right off the pan when they are hot...then another one everytime I walk thru the kitchen throughout the don't beat yourself up over 4-I don't think 4 cookies will hurt u too bad :)

  4. LOL! Rene, that's how I am when I bake a hot gooey cookie right off of the baking stone....which is why I know I can't bake anything (unless hubby is here to keep me from eating them all! LOL!) I'm definitely not strong, my weakness is my homemade (from scratch) M&M cookies. Boy I can do some major damage with those...I haven't made them in YEARS! (I know I can't handle the temptation, or the guilt. ;)

  5. I go...clicking "Subscribe by e-mail"...:o)
    Of course, now there probably won't be any more comments! Ha!

    Rene, I think I might bake today--for the sake of my sweet, hubby who has to work non-stop in this kind of weather. They may be sending him to some other cities to help with power outages there. It'd be nice to send him a goodie box full of homemade cookies to take with him, if he goes. Have any recipe suggestions?

  6. turbino sugar is "sugar in the raw" its just bigger crystals, so when u bite into the cookie u get a bit of crunch sometimes--it makes the texture more "old fashioned" I think and less "smooth and electric mixer mixed" if u know what I mean. mixing by hand has some chunks, where food processors make everything so smooth and perfect, it just reminds me of old-fashioned stuff where everything wasn't so "smooth".