Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day #4 of the fast/cleanse

Things are going great. Today was another shake day. Had one for bfast and dinner. Had the same sandwich as yesterday for lunch. Also ate a couple of those Isagenix "snack" tabs and raw plain brazil nuts (I'm supposed to use almonds, but the only ones I have right now are salted and I don't think all that sodium would benefit the cleanse). As of this afternoon it looks like I've already lost 7 pounds so I am down from 150 to 143. Yippee! I will admit there have been a few moments when I looked or thought about a handful of doritos or m&m's and slightly contemplated it, but said "no, I'm doing this cleanse full-blast this time and I'm not going to screw it up like I have before". I know that if on day 10 I start eating all the foods I was eating b4 the cleanse it won't benefit me. But for me you see, its mainly mental. If I can get started on the right mental track with results (the cleanse) then I make better choices and hence stay on track with better eating, therefore maintaining my weight instead of going right back to where I was before. That's why this cleanse helps, because if u stick with it for 9 days (removing those foods) your body finally stops craving them, and they don't yell your name anymore. I'm not saying I'm never eating cookies again (NOT) but, I will do it in moderation instead of going overboard when that sugar is making me crave them. When u don't eat sugar a lot, then u don't crave it as much. (Its true, and I have learned this from experience).

Anyway, eating went well today. Workouts were great too. However, I do need to clarify that my energy level (during workouts only-not during the rest of the day) is lower than normal (because I don't have as many intake calories fueling my body). So my goal today was to do a big workout on the treadmill or elliptical (AMT) at home, then head to the gym and run, then do Shelley's pump class. THEN, I was going to go tonight and do Jen's bootcamp and pump class at the east gym. This was all because I got no workout in yesterday due to the water issues.
HOWEVER, I did some computer work before getting started today so I only had 20 min to workout before getting the girls off to school. As soon as I got on the AMT (see older posts for description of this machine), I could tell my energy was not there. I normally do level 12, I only had it on level 2 this morning and I was totally trying to figure out how I could do the machine while at the same time leaning on it to support me so I didn't have to stand up because it was draining my energy so much. I know its bc right now my body doesn't have enough fuel for intense workouts even though I am still trying to do them, so I'm not all bummed out that my body didn't perform. I know the reason. Its a temporary one and its part of a greater good(losing weight), so its ok. But its still a bummer when mentally I am SO READY to get a great hard workout in, and then my body doesn't bring it and I don't do as much as I really want to.
But anyway, then I went to the gym and did the AMT there for another 25 minutes before class (instead of running----easier on my stamina), and I did feel pretty good. Then I went to Shelley's pump class. It was great. In fact, on a normal day when I have enough fuel to fuel my body, I would have rocked that class hard and gotten an amazing workout. We did all the moves I love and everything was awesome... except my body couldn't keep up with my mind, so I had to keep catching myself from falling over. Do you think anyone would mind if I put a chair near my spot so between exercises I could sit down for 10 seconds? Because that's really what I needed. If I could just sit for a second and conserve energy instead of using it to stand up, I could make it better. Sounds ridiculous, but that's exactly how I feel out there. I WANT to do it, but I just need a little boost (a chair) to help me focus all energy on the workout and none on just breathing/standing/maintaining organ function/etc. Just the important stuff ya know-ha.
Anyway, class was great. Even though I didn't give it 120% I still gave it 100% and got a great calorie burn. Then this evening I knew I didn't have the stamina for bootcamp, so I only went to the pump class with Jen, but it was awesome too! Since her pump doesn't have any jumping around, I did really really well and gave it the full 120%. My body felt great as did my mind.
So in conclusion, its still going well, got a great 3 workouts in today, ate great, feel great, and am really excited the upcoming results of this 9 days.


  1. WOWOWOWOW!! 7 pounds? That is amazing! I thought you looked good last night. I also feel like I've lost this week...but I'm not getting on the scale till noon on Saturday...when I'm officially done with flooding myself with all this water. I'm teaching kickboxing Saturday morning and then doing Zumba and hopefully by noon (after all that) I will have my final weight loss total and hopefully it will be good. My "dream" is to be at 130...but that would REALLY be asking a lot. Anything under 135 will be considered a loss.
    I completley know what you mean about the chair. I agree...if I could just "catch my breath" in between sets, I could really pump'em out. I don't know..but I do know that they always tell you to "keep moving" and "don't sit down" during I guess that's not good to do?!?!?
    OKay, I gotta go make breakfast so I can get to your house by 8:40. I am EXCITED to watch BL, hang out with you and use your awesome home gym!

  2. okay...just fyi: I did NOT post that at 4:28 am. I don't know why it says that for the time. It's 6:28. :o)

  3. Rene:

    I think that you are doing awesome and you look great too!! Keep up the great work!! I ran 19 miles this week, even with an injury!! I also weighed in at Weight Watcher's today and DID NOT GAIN A SINGLE POUND!!! I really do not know how I did that??? Anyway..I am looking forward to seeing you and everyone else in class and I am sure you will reach your goals Rene! Have a great week-end!!! Love, Diane