Sunday, January 24, 2010

funny picture

I went and got some pictures taken with the girls this weekend. While I was there I posed for a few funny pictures myself, which not only made the girls laugh(part of the plan), but also the photographer (ha ha). Anyway, when we were done they put together this little composite and added the tag line "Milk makes the body grow", I thought that was so funny I had to show you! It is kinda funny isn't it? Especially since I still don't have any biceps, even though I REALLY do keep trying to get them to GROW! LOL


  1. That is soooooooooo cute..but I wish I could blow it up bigger!! I can hardly see it.

  2. yea, I don't know how to make that picture bigger and clearer, maybe I can re-scan it when I get the actual photos?

  3. That's too bad we can't see it larger Renee, it is a cute picture!!!! =)

    So glad you had a fun weekend!