Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 6

Wow, this decreased caloric intake is beginning to take a toll on my energy level. I am really worn out today. Not really tired, just exhausted, like everything is hard to do. Hard to stand and brush my teeth(got to sit), hard to pour a glass of water(have to lean on the counter to do so), definately hard to workout .I tried to do my 21 minute treadmill program this morning that includes about half running, a quarter walking, and a quarter incline walking. Oh my word! I could barely do it today. Maybe it was because I didn't have time to warm up(I just started running, which I normally don't do), or maybe it was because I exerted 1200 calories on YESTERDAY'S workout, or maybe its from the decreased fuel going into my body. Or all three!
Anyway, I'm still holding strong on the cleanse/fast-doing my 400-600 cal meal and drinking my shakes, but I am certainly starting to miss eating. Not so much a craving for anything specific, in fact most things don't sound good right now. I just want to chew and eat something. To get that taste sensation in my mouth. That's what I miss! I am pushing through though because I'm not going to cave and go through all this and then blow my results and get nothing out of it! I want this to be a definate start to my weightloss program.
Which by the way when I got on the scale this morning I had lost another pound. So I am down from 150 to 140 right now-woohoo! That's only 5 pounds away from my "2007 goal weight" :)

Plus last night I tried on some pants that used to fit back then... and they did. They were a little tighter than before (5 pounds obviously), but I could wear them if I wanted to. But I really prefer to wait for that next 5 pounds-plus they are mostly shorts, so I don't need them now anyway.

Anyway, that is the post for today. 10 pounds total so far, but it is beginning to be a bit of a struggle. Tomorrow will be my first eating out meal (after church), since I started last Monday, but I think I can handle it with a great salad. I'll keep u posted for the next few days to tell u how it goes.

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