Wednesday, January 13, 2010

day #3 looking good

Day number 3 is here. Its been a good day. Today is a "shake day" this means I'm supposed to drink two isagenix shakes, eat one 400-600 cal meal (preferably for lunch), and in between drink lots of water and eat those lovely (aweful!!) "snack" tabs.
Well, here's the recap. I drank my shake in the morning. Then didn't get a workout in as planned because our water was being turned off bc we didn't pay the bill ( no just kidding, a line froze and we had to turn it off to stop the pond being formed in our yard). Anyway, I got notice of this and had 10 minutes to jump in the shower b4 there would be no water. So, consequently, no workout for me. Then I went to the office and drank about one big bottle of water throughout the day (not enough) and ate about 7 celery sticks (about 20 calories). I meant to eat a light healthy lunch but didn't make it back home till dinner time, so instead of drinking the shake I ate the rest of my lunch which totalled about 300 calories. Its a yummy tomato,cucumber, mozzerella sandwich I make. I also put sprouts on it and toast the 100 calorie bread for a bit of a crunch. Its very yummy! Anyway, that rounds out a really good calorie intake day. However, no calories used exercising, I'll have to make up for that tomorrow!

By the way I got a new pair of Rock Revival jeans from yesterday and wore them today... I love them!!!!!! They may be my most favorite jeans, except for my black ones which I REALLY love, but I feel they are a little dressy for everyday-wear. So I usually just wear those to "go out". Anyway really excited about these jeans because...
they are long enough
they fit
they don't feel tight on my thighs-they feel perfect
and most importantly... they don't gap at the back of the waist so I don't have to have them altered in any way.
Isn't this awesome!? Can u tell I'm happy with this purchase, and overrall my general outlook because....
I am turning that corner again (finally! welcome back the Rene' of 2007... I am ready and waiting for you!!!) (So is my husband probably-hee hee!)

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