Tuesday, January 12, 2010

day two cleanse/fast

Well, its 4:35pm on day two of my Isagenix cleanse/fast. Everything is going pretty well but I have a headache right now which is sometimes a side-affect. I'm try to drink more water to get rid of it. I am looking forward to tomorrow when I get to eat a real meal (one 400-600 cal meal per day) along with the shakes (instead of the aweful cleanse liquid). I'm already dreaming about a nice healthy salad, or a tomatoe/cucumber/mozzerella sandwich, hmmmm hmmm good. The scale says I've already lost 5 pounds (I know probably just water, but it still gives me the emotional incentive that I need). Last time I did this wholeheartedly, I lost 10 pounds in 9 days, but then gorged the 10th day because I was SO missing food, that I gained 5, so still had a net loss of 5. If I lose 5 I will be pleased. I just need a kick start, to change my attitude and therefore my committment level. See for me, its 95% mental. If I can just get my mind wrapped around it and commit to it, then I can do it. Today I went to the gym and was scared of bootcamp when I saw that I lost my breath during the warm up of the TONING class! I seriously comtemplated leaving after the first class giving myself the excuse that 1) I had a lot of work to do at the office and could use the extra time there, and 2)while cleansing /fasting u are actually supposed to reduce your exercise bc your body doesn't have enough energy to sustain it. However, our teacher said bootcamp would be the step only (and that is my favorite type of bootcamp).Plus since it wasn't just an open floor (with no props whatsoever) I wasn't as scared. I love most of the exercises we do incorporating the step. And even though I love the results of the "open floor" segments she does... they kick my butt!!!!!!!! and today with less stamina I didn't know if I could make it. I'm happy to say that I only lowered the intensity on 2 or 3 40second intervals, and I did full-fledged bootcamp the other 30 minutes! Although I will admit, I did NOT give it 120% which is what I prefer to do. But I gave it just as much as the majority of the class so it was still a very rewarding class. Glad I stayed instead of copping an excuse {especially since my friend Jen reminded me that I said we were gonna "kick butt" in class today} see my internal motivation is already kicking in gear and I'm only in day 2! :)
So there you have it, day two. I'll talk more later.

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  1. Okay, I think I need this cleanse thing. Where do ya get it?
    Ps. I giggled when you said you were watching BL and NOT snacking! ha ha...isn't it CRAZY how that is when I want to snack more than any other time of the week?? During THAT show!? Nuts!