Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More progress

Things are still going well. Been eating good (ok, a few chips with a few dips of queso at the restaurant on Sunday), and I'm down to almost 145. Its hovering just a hair over it , so its probably 145.5, which means I've lost 9.5 pounds so far. My clothes are already fitting better (yippee) in fact I'm wearing my chino shorts again and totally enjoying the way they fit-Yay! Now I did succumb to the temptation when my friend Jen brought over homemade cookies today (darn those cookies!) Don't know how many I ate but probably about 5. I TOLD you I like cookies! I'm secretly hoping to be at 140 (or 139 fingers crossed) by my birthday at the end of the month. I turn 40, and I'd like to be able to say and feel like "look at 40, pretty good", instead of feeling old and fat. Hopefully, I'll be at my goal so I can feel hip and healthy and 'young at heart', even if my age does say 40. Which by the way, my husband and I were discussing recently how fast the first 20 years went by (since h.s.), and at this rate, the next 20 could go fast too, and that means in a blink of an eye I'll be celebrating 60 (!!!) Yikes! Our parents are celebrating 60's, not us! Anyway we also came to realize that in 13 years BOTH our kids will be out of h.s.---wow! that is too fast, especially since our youngest is just starting school this year! Time better not go as fast as it has up to this point over the next 20 years because that will just be TOO fast! Anyway, enough of this, have a great night!

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