Tuesday, August 3, 2010

progress continuing...

Still on vacation. Getting lots of walking and sweating in while at SeaWorld (ha ha), have also used the treadmill here at the hotel. Have eaten pretty good (ok, 3 shortbread Shamu cookies), and the gourmet mac and cheese at lunch today was probably alot more calories than the shrimp skewers I also ate. But if u are at new restaurants, sometimes u have to try new things, and it looked tasty. Even though I love salads, I don't want to eat them for EVERY meal!
They did have the most amazing looking dessert though -don't fret, I didn't get it- its my favorite, hot cookies and ice cream, mmmmmm! I was certainly contemplating it. But by the time I was done with lunch I was too full anyway. Thankfully. Remember Rene'-may taste good for moments on my lips, but will look horrible for TOO long on my butt!

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