Saturday, July 31, 2010

Progress report

I'm on my second day of vacation, and I'm still doing good. Today I actually REALLY wanted some ice cream -because it was so hot and because I couldn't eat much of anything (I'll explain later) and ice cream always go down really easy for me. But I didn't. Instead I grabbed a peach and 2 pieces of string cheese. Was very satisfying too so I'm glad I refrained. I haven't told anybody this, and I haven't really made a 'bet' with myself, but I'm sort of trying to see how long I can go with NO junk. Its going good so far :)

So to explain last night, yesterday we ate at a really great authentic mexican restaurant. I ate the most delicious shredded beef tacos ever. Very flavorful :) But they didn't bode so well with me (probably because my body was already kind of wacked out from the long bumpy (love these roads) ride here. I've come to realize that long car bumpy car rides sort of make me sick. Well combine that with these spicy tacos... oh it was a very long no-sleep filled night. I literally slept only a few hours and was in the bathroom on the toilet and trying to puke the rest of the night and early morning. I never did puke (I wish I had, because I know I would have felt better if I had) but was still very queasy with a sensitive stomach all day today, which means I ate only bland/healthy food and very little of it. Fortunately I feel better now so when we head to Sea World tomorrow I hope to be a peak form and have full energy and stamina for the day's events.

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  1. Man! That's no fun! How miserable to have to feel like that when you're not even at home. Blah! Sorry!!!