Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm mad

I'm mad.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, I'm not sure which, that is what it takes to get me to get my big butt in gear and get in shape again. So it starts today!

I was trying on shorts to take with me to Houston next week (none of the newer and obviously larger ones I've recently bought, but my old shorts that USED to fit). They didn't fit. They looked disgusting. So disgusting that I took pictures to prove it to myself so anytime I start to think "oh I haven't really gained weight" I can look at those photos and be disgusted enough to not eat junk. I will post them, because its probably not fair that I only post pictures when I've lost weight and feeling really thin. I guess I should share the disgusting pictures as well so that when I DO lose this weight (again! ugh!) I can look back and see the improvement. Nothing like a picture to prove it.

What really pisses me off (or one of the things) is that it seems I am a complete yo-yo, or even worse... a complete growing blob IF I don't watch it and be careful with what I eat. Its ridiculous that I continuously gain weight. It really pisses me off and makes me mad! Its not fair (to borrow that horrible phrase from my oldest daughter).

Anyway, I will post these pictures soon just so u can relish in my disgust as well.
AND, I'm making myself take some of these shorts with me to Houston to wear. How's that for punishment?! (and my husband won't be there to see me in them, I certainly won't wear them in front of him because I want to look good for him. But since he won't be there I will suffer in the discomfort (too tight) and humiliation (looks ridiculous) to teach myself a lesson that these shorts better start fitting darn well soon! I'm taking my shakes with me as my main meals while I'm away, and some running clothes to hopefully get in quick workouts each morning b4 the girls get up. So this better be a jump-start to get back on track. I am so PISSED! You don't even know how much!

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