Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thighs wider than a freight train

Here are the first pictures that started me realizing that I might have gained more weight than I thought... We were celebrating Jen's birthday and took these pictures and I realized that my upper body looks fine but my lower body looks wider than a freight train! I guess not weighing myself everyday and eating basically whatever I wanted, combined with less running has had a very negative consequence.
Compare these pictures to the ones on the left side of my blog. My thighs have gotten extremely wider!
In fact, in these photos with my husband, even though I KNOW I am smaller than him, my thighs and butt look BIGGER than him! I certainly don't want that!

This is when I first got these jeans. They are still body-hugging, but they just didn't seem as wide in the thighs back then. So I am on a mission to lose this extra 15 pounds I have gained this year and get rid of it.

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