Saturday, July 24, 2010

one day at a time

I've been in Houston for the week. Things have been going good. I took workout clothes hoping I might get in 3 workouts while away, but only got in 1 mile run (in 98degree heat). Its ok. I ate cereal, oatmeal, and one regular meal per day. Twice we were at cafeteria type arenas and didn't have anything I really wanted, but still feel I did ok on what I did wind up eating. And I was full, without being stuffed, so that was good. One thing for me is learning to stop before it hurts.
Was staying with my mom-in-law in the camper and she had a bag of mini candy bars she had purchased mainly for my girls. I normally previously would have been craving those and eating as many of those as possible at a time , but not this time. I didn't eat a single one, and I wasn't bummed about it.
Last night Dan and I played in a dodgeball tournament (a whole 'nother hilarious story in and of itself!) and afterwards we all went out to a restaurant to play pool etc. Everyone ordered buffalo wings, nachos, mozz sticks, chix fingers, potatoe skins, etc. Everyone that is but me. And you know what? I didn't even want it. I was not sitting there agonizing over the fact that I wasn't eating a mozz stick (like I used to do when the girls ordered them and I 'tried' not to eat one). I truly didn't want any, wasn't hungry, and certainly didn't wasnt THAT food.
YIPPEE for me! 99% of my success and failure in choosing the right foods is mental, so if I can get the mental part down (not desiring it), then I win win win.
Also on an 'improvement' note... Dan and I went to Bonefish before the game. I told him I wanted to get my free Bang Bang Shrimp that I love so much. He said I thought u were giving that up (with my new desire to eat better). I said no, Bang Bang will always be with me :) BUT I ordered it with the sauce on the side and probably only used a tablespoon out of the cup they gave me. So instead of about 1300 calories, I'm sure it was ALOT better. It still tasted great and I still got my hot Bang Bang flavor!
Anyway, I've got a post I need to write about my rude awakening in my weight history/hurdles, but I've been away all week, so that enlightening post will have to wait to be written ;) talk soon chickas!

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  1. YAY! What a great be not desiring it anymore! THAT really is a HUGE hurdle (for me too!)
    Dodgeball? That sounds SO FUN! I wanna hear all about it.
    Wow, I feel like we broke up or something. ha! We just haven't talked in so long, it's weird.