Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best (and very healthy) meal I ever made!

A few weeks ago my husband taught me how to use the grill (I blogged on my other site about this). May sound simple, but I had no idea how to turn it on without fear of blowing it up. So now that I've learned I'm made some absolutely FABULOUS marinated chicken on it as well as veggies. Its the best way I like to eat chicken and since chix is about the only meat I eat, its nice to finally have a way to cook it that I actually look forward to eating it. (I'm not much of a meat person if u can tell). So I decided to try my marinade on shrimp ( I love flavorful grilled shrimp at restaurants but have never been able to duplicate it trying to grill them on the stove).
They were AWESOME! Best meal I ever made. Dan AND the girls loved them too (I didn't even make plain ones for the girls and they STILL loved them marinated!) I'm going to get them eating a wider variety of food yet, eh?
Well, anyway, it'd be nice if I could post some fancy homemade marinade sauce recipe for you. But I just use packets from the seasoning aisle. They are McCormick's Grill Mates. Tonight's flavor was Mojito Lime. FANTASTICO! And besides being delicious, its so incredibly healthy to cook on the grill! LOVING IT! (except for the sweating part. I came in at one point and my face was drenched in sweat and my daughter was like "Whoa what happened to you?!" lol

By the way I read to cook each side for 2 minutes. I did them a bit longer just because I couldn't get them flipped fast enough and I wanted to get some black grill marks on them. I also did them at medium heat for most of it, after I realized the grill was still on high from lighting it, and I finally turned it down (ha ha) (still getting this grilling technique down pat obviously) :)

I have some metal skewers so filled four of those, but had extra shrimp so cooked those in a grill pan (the kind with holes). All turned out fabulous.

By the way, on a funny note, I invited Dan's dad to eat with us because I thought I had too much shrimp. He couldn't come though. It turned out that was a good thing, because we devoured it ALL (it was so good!) and if there was more we probably would have eaten that too, ha ha.


  1. Mmmmm! I love grilling!!!!

  2. See..when we had a gas grill (for a short 1 year), I actually could use it and do stuff like this. But Matt is sold on the fact that food from a gas grill doesn't taste as good as food from a charcoal I sold our gas grill that was just collecting dust on Craigs List and now we have our little "Smokey Joe" charcoal grill again. That is much more difficult to judge as far as heat. There is no knob to turn it up or down so you have to watch the color of the coals or something. I've done it...but it's much more confusing. That mean sounds wonderful though. you have to "strip and de-vein" the shrimp? (whatever that means) I just know a lot of shrimp recipes I've seen say that. --which is why I just turn the page and go on.