Friday, August 13, 2010

Those measurements I promised

Finally getting around to posting this... the measurements!
If you'll recall I promised I'd post the ugly numbers so that ideally someday I could compare them to improved numbers and revel in the glory of that progress with you. Well, today is the day. Here they are...

I took these measurements:
Date: 7/15---> 8/13
weight 155---> 145
diameter of widest thigh area 24.5"---> 24"
diameter around body at widest
butt area 40.5" --->39.75"
diameter at my panty waistline 34" --->33.25"
diameter at belly button 31" --->30"

There u have it. I've seen some improvement and I hope to keep improving. But I must admit I am starting to think/dream about cookies and snacks. I need to make sure I don't succumb, yet also don't feel deprived. Because the deprivation will cause me to fail. I'll keep u posted.
p.s. I DID eat a few chips and queso recently, but wasn't that satisfied by it (yippee) and didn't eat too much of it.


  1. Wow Rene! Those are AWESOME results! You are doing SOO good and you are TOTALLY inspiring me to do better. Seriously..I think about you resisting all that yummy stuff (especially on VACATION!) and I think, if she can do it, I can too! :o) I think if we allow ourselves a SMALL treat every other day or so...we'll be fine. :0)

  2. well I gave myself a 'big' treat yesterday and today... about a cup of full fat ice cream last night, and a few bites of brownie and ice cream at the restaurant at lunch today with the kids. Eating cucumbers, peaches, and grapes right now though :)

  3. Wow! Good Job Rene!!! That's great progress!!!!!