Saturday, January 22, 2011

How much do you think I weigh?

Ok, so if you know me in real life or have been following this, you know that I have pretty much finally grasped this new way of life that appreciates where I AM, instead of being unhappy because I'm not at a specific goal. This isn't to say that thoughts don't come into my head that say,  'yea, that would look better if I was 5 or 10 pounds lighter', or 'hmm, should I eat this salad, or some pringles?'  It is a process you know, just like most things in life, we grow in them and grow stronger as we go. But as we go, we get stronger by making better choices, or choices that help our plan/goal and don't hinder it. That being said, I am not at my lightest, and not even at my preferred goal. But I am pretty happy anyway. In fact, I took some pictures and I want you to comment and let me know what you think I weigh based on these pictures.
I think when the results are in, I will be able to share something with you that will not only help prove what I've been saying for over a year, but will also help others who are on a path to improving their health.
I will give you this info to aid you in your vote...
I am 40 years old. I am 5'8".
Please partake in my project and cast your vote. How much do you think I currently weigh?
Post your comments on this blog please. If you don't have a google account, you can post a comment 'anonymously' and just sign your name at the end of it if you want me to know who you are. Or if you are like my mom and can't figure out how to 'comment' on a blog you can leave your comment on FB because I am going to put a link to this on there to try to get lots of responses.

P.S. These pictures aren't the best quality. It was too dark in my closet to get a good full length picture, so just do your best to guess. I did take pictures of my normal 'problem areas' (ie hips/butt) so you have close-ups of the part that shows my weight the most to help you in your guess. I guess next time I should have taken them in a better lit room with a full length mirror. Sorry.


  1. I feel like this is a trick question (muscle weighs more than fat) but I can look GREAT!!!

    I know how much I weigh, you are taller and stronger than me...I'm guessing...146. Do we get a prize if we're the closest guess without going over? Haha.

  2. You are beautiful! You are strong! You are the woman God made you to be! I heart you!

    Me answering this feels like when my kids ask me which one of them I love more.

    And I'm doing to you what I do to them....not answering! :)

  3. Since you're MAKING ME DO THIS against my free will...I say 135+10 over the past year + 10lbs for winter - 4 lbs for the Challenge + gained 2 back = 153. Yes, that is my final answer. :)

  4. Hmmmmmmm, I'm thinking 143. You look super great in the jeans little miss!

  5. Ok..this is such a loaded question Rene!! I certainly really, really do not want to answer this at all!! Ugggggg...ok?? MAYBE ANOTHER DAY!!! I am at least posting a comment that you look great and I enjoyed reading your blog!! Happy New Year to healthy eating!! Ha!!

  6. I'm guessing 140-145...Since muscle weighs more than fat and I don't see a whole lot of fat on you...

  7. I'd guess around 147...just from knowing what you weight has been around, and factoring in your incredible height! I could only dream of being that tall!

  8. Renee! You look AWESOME! Isn't that good enough to hear????? =)

    I am going to guess you weigh 130 - 135.


  9. Well, you look a lot thinner than me, and I need to see muscle tone to really tell... I weigh 150-155 pretty constantly but I'm really bulky. I tend to want to know my body fat % instead. I'd say you probably weigh somewhere between 135-145?? Maybe a lot less? I stink at this, really... because weight looks SO much different on people with the height difference too!

  10. I say 150 for height's sake. :)