Thursday, February 24, 2011


Using this space to sort of track what I'm doing.  Still haven't done a workout tape lately, but my hips are getting sore from running so I may do that Fri instead of running. Tuesday I did  4.5 miles, and yesterday I did 8.75 combined miles (4.5 on the AMT and 4.25 on the treadmill, plus a 3mile walk outside with my good friend Jen). Today I got in 3.5 on the treadmill.
I'm still at 150, so I know in order to see some real results I need to make some wiser eating decisions (fried green beans at Louie's probably shouldn't be one of my choices. They were tasty though and I wanted to try them ). I will keep you posted. Summer is coming and that means being at the pool every day, so I'd like to be in good swimsuit condition, plus we have a trip to Vegas planned for June and since my hubby will be golfing every day I'd like to feel comfortable sitting at the pool with all those young whipper-snappers who will probably be there :)
So that's my progress, still working on it.

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  1. Wow, we walked 3 miles? No wonder my hips were aching! :)
    I'm in awe of how many miles you log. I probably log .25 mile a day...and that is just because I HAVE to walk from the kitchen to the office to the bathroom, etc. :)
    I wish you would come workout with me again sometime. I understand you don't wanna do it ALL the time..but don't forget when you want a class type workout, there's one available to you just around the corner from your house every day except Sunday. :)
    Love ya!