Wednesday, March 25, 2009

25 things about me from Facebook

I'm posting in the "25things about me note" from Facebook. Just an fyi posting.

1.I tried this once already and my computer ran out of room on #6, I guess I was in the wrong program-did I mention I am not exactly computer literate?
2.However I was Magna Cum Laude in college with a 3.9 GPA---go figure!
3.I can do the Michael Jackson moonwalk REALLY WELL- yes, I am a child of the 80's.
4. If I stick my tongue out really far I can touch my nose with it.
5. In high school, I was "Miss Bellaire", (that's like Miss America, but a small town version ha ha)
6. My weight goes up and down by about 15 pounds , and it drives me nuts! I wish I could stay dedicated to eating healthy!
7. I really want to run a marathon this summer, but I'm a little scared and I don't want to have to do all the training involved to prepare for it (Krista, this may be why I don't prepare much for any of the other races either-I'm Lazy)
8. When I am running and don't want to go any farther, I start counting my strides, but I don't just count regular, each stride is a syllable, so for example "11" is 3 strides=3 syllables. Its weird but it makes me keep going because it takes me longer to count to my goal
9. I seriously used to eat 5 huge servings of ice cream a day in the summer when I was a teenager: get up about 9am, eat a bowl of ice cream.Go out on our back deck to sunbathe, get hot, eat a bowl of ice cream. Come in around noon for lunch and eat ice cream. Go back out and tan some more, get hot, and eat another bowl. Then actually do something constructive (not tan), then eat dinner with my family, and of course eat ice cream in the cool summer evening! Can u believe I didn't weigh a million pounds?! That's what a teenager's metabolism will do for ya! Wish I still had that metabolism now!
10. I don't have much patience-especially for slow computers (which are supposed to be fast), and my computer is really slow, so I don't get on it very often-which is why I don't reply to stuff people write very quickly-sorry.
11. I wish I had a fulltime house cleaner and a chef to cook me healthy meals every night (not named Rene')
12. I still really miss my dog, Alexus, who went to heaven over 2 years ago. She was the best and it makes me cry every time I think about her( yes, I'm weeping right now)
13. I wish America in general was not so focused on "keeping up with the Joneses" and having instant gratification. This greed is what I attribute the main root of our country's economic troubles to. I just want to shake people and say "what were/are you thinking???!!!" If u can't pay for it.... DON'T BUY IT!
14. I am very happy with where I am in life. Some people want to relive parts of their past, and I'm like no way! That's over and we are here now and I am so happy to be here now, and I look forward to the future with my husband and children.
15. I LOVE to read, but sadly haven't dedicated any serious time to it since my second daughter was born (maybe when she goes to school I'll be able to do it again-I hope)
16. This is starting to get hard- I can't think of stuff...oh, except I truly wish to be perfect. Yes there is only one perfect parent and being and that is God---but shouldn't we strive for perfection anyway? That is my internal battle, to not beat myself up when I know I have not done something or not behaved the most perfect way.
17. I like ruffled potatoe chips with vanilla ice cream.
18. Dan and I began dating our senior year and were married 5 years later, and will celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary this May.
19. I am starting to get concerned about turning 40 in 2010.
20.I want a tan but I don't want cancer or age spots.
21. I like to ride my bike.
22. I wish I could sing, but everyone tells me I can't.
23. I wish my relationship with God was stronger.
24. I would rather work out , than clean my house.
25. I love my classes with Shelley at the gym-she motivates me and kicks my rear!

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  1. Hey sweet stuff...I HAND wrote you my comment to this and I will bring it to the gym this morning! :o)