Sunday, March 22, 2009

Run Run Run

I just finished a half marathon run on my treadmill-woohoo!!!! I decided that if I do one long run a week from now until May , then I should be prepared for the OK Aquarium 1/2 Marathon that I want to do. Since I haven't "trained " well for any other race I thought I should try to prepare so that it doesn't sneak up on me and make me nervous. With the rest of my cross training and 1 run long run a week I think I'll be ready for it both in condition and stamina. And with being "ready" then hopefully I can go out and JUST RUN! instead of being anxious about it and not feeling prepared for it.My only problem is that I haven't been doing any serious running (nothing over 4 miles) for about 3 months, so even though I tried to warm up with a 1 mile walk and some stretches, my body is now ACHING from my back to my feet- ouch! I even took "marathon Mandy's" advice and took an "ice bath" (actually just a freezing cold water bath) right after to hopefully speed the healing in my legs since I know this run was a bit of a shock to my system. Even with that, I'm still sore. Like I've said before, I'm not exactly the best planner when it comes to running. I just do it. But I am trying to take the advice of my running friends so that I can do it better instead of "just doing it". So there you have it , my story for the day. I'll keep u posted to see if I keep this up-I'll probably need to do these long runs on Sat/Sun/Mon/or Wed., but my goal is to do them Saturdays so that I can keep Sunday as my "rest day". we'll see how it goes. Talk to u ya later. (ps did I mention my stomach hurts too :( ouch ).


  1. As far as SOME OF US ARE CONCERNED....4 miles IS serious running!!!! But, good for you on getting a plan and goal in's the only way I keep going :-)

  2. I'm with smithfamlylowdown....4 miles is SERIOUS running!! I've never done more than 3 1/2 at one time! I would LOVE to do a half marathon sometime...but I don't know if I could get ready for one this year. I never thought I could run a 5K though...and I'm about to do one victory at a time I guess!
    Ouch about all the aches and pains!

  3. You are right 4 miles is SERIOUS running! keep it up!