Sunday, March 29, 2009


Here are some products found in my pantry.

These "Oh Yeah!" bars are 190 calories and awesome! They taste like a real candy bar but they are a energy bar that is high in protein. We get them from a friend who owns a gym, but u can buy them online too. Very tasty.

Wheat germ is a good supplier of folic acid. I eat it sprinkled on my ice cream (add a little healthy-ness to the bowl anyway, right?). My mom taught me to do it (product of the 70's I believe, and I am now doing it with my youngest daughter too "Mom, I want some crunchies on my ice cream" :) Of course, my oldest daughter won't even try it, but at least one of them is getting a healthy dose of something. ha ha.

These Annies choc chip bunnies really taste like chocolate chip cookies , so when u have a little craving, you can pop a couple and they really satisfy. Both my daughters like them. Plus they are organic which is awesome!
This picture on the right has lots of goodies in it. (fyi-the organic quaker oatmeal in the center was on sale last week at walmart for $1 !!!! normally over $3 a box. Since its organic that's an amazing deal if u want to see if they still have some left)

The akins coconut bars on top taste just like Mounds bars-yummy! I love coconut! The last two items in the picture are awesome crunchy snacks when u don't want to eat regular fatty chips. You can find the rice thins at Target. But I"ve only found the Multi-Grain Crisps at Walmart in the deli section. Both are really crunchy & yummy, and not as bad for u as regular potatoe chips.

These dark choc covered pomegranates are awesome and are found in Walmart. They also come in blueberry or cranberry flavors. Just the thing to satisfy your craving for something sweet
or chocolaty. Just a few will satisfy me because they are SO sweet, and that dark choc really quelches the craving, unlike milk chocolate which makes me want to eat more and more.

The Kashi Cinnamon harvest cereal is awesome. Although I don't eat it as cereal with milk because it get soggy instantly. I eat is dry , like a snack, with a glass of milk to wash it down. Very tasty-I love cinnamon!

These last 2 pictures are freezer fixes for hot days. The picture on the left is frozen orange juice that I made in Tupperware popsicle molds. Very sweet and cold and satisfying, without eating ice cream. (Lemonade doesn't work as well-comes out more like ice cubes, so the texture isn't like a popsicle. However, Juicy Juice brand juices seem to work pretty well too).
The pedialyte freezer pops may look strange, but hear me out... They are really good, and I often eat them on a hot day after a really strenuous workout (replenishes the electrolytes like gatorade, but they are frozen, so its like a treat). I enjoy the taste of them so it works for me. I have only found them at Babies R Us though.
Hope you've enjoyed these little posts. If you haven't gotten any healthy snacking ideas from it, at least u probably got a laugh for the day about the absurdity of this post. :)

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  1. I have NONE of those products, nor have I ever tried any of them! Yay for new ideas!
    Hey, can I buy one of those Oh Yeah! Bars from you tomorrow and try it?