Monday, April 19, 2010

Beachbody Fast

Well, I am on day two of Beachbody's 2-day fast. I am certainly counting down the minutes till bedtime so I don't have to think about food. Why is it that when u can't eat, THAT'S the time you will think about it, fantasize about it, dream about it, and salivate constantly over it??!!
Today wasn't as bad because I was at work so I was busy. But yesterday was bad. It was raining (which always makes me want to bake) so I was dreaming about my new infamous cookies that I love baking (and eating). But, thanks to a phone call from Jen, to boost my resolve, I did hold strong and I haven't cheated at all. My stomach already feels shrunken, but this morning my weight was the same. We'll see what it is tomorrow, and maybe I can wear my favorite purple shorts to the gym tomorrow ???? That would be nice. I think they are my 'favorite' only because they are elusive- ha ha.


  1. Hey did you ever end up losing any more weight? (over the 2 lbs.)? I thought you looked very cute and slender on Tues in your bright orange tank. WAY flatter and thinner than I look these days, that's for sure.
    At least you have plenty of those can keep doing them until you get down to your 135 goal--even if it's 2 lbs at a time! hee hee

  2. Don't worry girl, you'll get back into them. Now that summer is almost here, and we all tend to eat less and lighter in the summer (due to the heat), you'll be right back into those shorts! :) Good Luck!!!