Thursday, April 8, 2010

chicken pot pie

This is the chicken pot pie I made for dinner the other night. It used to be a real easy recipe with canned soup and frozen veggies and cooked chicken. But Dan said he thought it would be better with fresh chopped veggies, so here is what I did and how it broke down calorie wise...
It does take 2 frozen/thawed pie crusts (I guess u could not use the bottom one and save 1048 calories from the whole entree, which would save 262 calories on a 1/4 portion (pretty significant I guess). I didn't do this though, maybe next time?? I filled it with chopped/shredded cooked chicken -about 2-3 cups I guess. It was 3 tenders and one breast. I added about 1 cup frozen peas. 2 cans crm potatoe soup. pepper and thyme (1/2 tsp each). one half cup milk. Now instead of using a bag of frozen veggies , I peeled and thinly sliced carrots (1 cup) and celery (half cup), then I steamed them both before I put them in the pie, just so they would be sure to be fully cooked. After u dump everything in the bottom pie crust u turn the other pie crust upside down and put it on top and crimp the edges to make a top. put slices in in, cook it on 375 for 40 minutes and waallaa, your pie! I figured out that the whole pie as I made it (with 2 crusts) is 2467 calories. So 1/4 would be 616.75 calories, or if you're really hungry 1/3 of the pie would be 822 calories. Remember you could change this to 354 or 560 if u only used one crust instead of 2. Maybe I'll try that next time.
I know this wasn't a really clear recipe since I didn't list it out nice and neat, and there are no step by step photos, but I kinda wanted to share it just because it looked so pretty with the heart :) And since I didn't use a whole bag of frozen veggies this is the first time I made it where it didn't overflow, so it looks much prettier this way. ha ha. (as always, with about 10-15 min left on the timer, I put tin foil on the edges to prevent burning of the pie crust). Let me know what u think.

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  1. That is sooooo pretty and sounds soooo yummy and I wish I had some RIGHT NOW! :o)
    I love your idea of taking off the bottom pie crust. Except that Matt would NOT be happy about that. He looooves the crust (don't we all) it's just that he doesn't have to watch his calories. NO FAIR!