Monday, April 5, 2010

Belly bulge

I've probably mentioned this before, but if not, here's the skinny... when I gain weight it goes to my butt and thighs first. Consequently that is the last place I lose it too (bummer). I usually never gain weight in my stomach. Before kiddos I had a natural 6-pack without ever really having to work at it. Just good genes I guess-I'm certainly not complaining about that area (I will ALWAYS complain about my butt and thighs though ha ha). After kiddos though, I've had to make an effort to do more ab work to keep my tummy relatively flat. Welllllll, for some reason I've noticed that my belly these past 5-7 days is bulging out, as if I was 3-4 months pregnant! I'm not sure what the deal is, but it is boggling me and driving me crazy. On the one hand, it looks like a baby bump, so I get sweet thoughts about it, but then I remember there is no way I could be pregnant, so there is no reason for me to have a bump like this. Except ... that maybe I've been eating too much food! Yikes! I've got to get this bump under control, because that's just crazy. My youngest daughter even told me today that it looks like I have a baby belly! crazy.


  1. Ummm Renee,

    I'm sorry - but you are CRAZY girl! I do not see any bit of a belly bulge in the least little bit! OMG - your stomach is what I have wanted my whole life! I have never had a flat stomach, not even before kids! I think you look AWESOME!


  2. sugarberry, these pictures were taken a few months ago when I wasn't complaining. I should take a shot and post it-its crazy!

  3. Rene..i've seen your BARE NAKED BELLY plenty of times and you do have the belly every girl envies!
    Dang you! :o)
    I understand feeling like you have a "baby bump" sometimes...I DEFINITELY get that...sometimes so much so that I go buy a pg test.'s negative which is good except for the fact, that like just means that I've been eating too much crappy food. Ick!
    Anyway, I think you have already lost your baby bump because on Tues & Today your tummy looked as FLAT as I have EVER seen it! :o)