Thursday, April 8, 2010

Academy vs Sports Authority

Ok, you know I've found some good deals on my favorite running shoes at Sports Authority since I have posted about it. However, I found out Asics was discontinuing that line and that is why they were cheaper, and soon EVERYBODY had them cheap too. But I will admit S.Auth was the first, so at least they still had my size.
However, as far as shopping in the stores goes... Academy can't be beat! I was reminded of this today and I decided to give them a shout out because I'm sick of S.Authorities lack of REAL sale prices. Academy ALWAYS has great clearance racks (virtually the only place I shop) and I can get stuff anywhere from $2.99-$19.99. Well, I was at Sports Authority today and they had about EIGHT clearance racks. They had really good stuff on them too (great Nike and Adidas and even some Under Armour stuff, plus the black pants I love)...BUT they weren't priced as clearance. How can a "clearance" item still be $50!!!???? gimme a break! Not to mention, half the stuff they had on clearance (for $50 mind you), Academy had had on clearance SIX MONTHS AGO for $10-$20! For pete's sake S.Authority! If you want to stay in business lower your prices sooner to clear out the old stuff. The stuff was so old, yet they were still at prices as if it had just hit the sales floor. Insane. Made me mad too, because I'm getting excited seeing all this stuff, but then super deflated when I realized it was just marked down a little, not a true CLEARANCE price markdown.

So there you have it, if u want a good deal go to Academy and shop their clearance racks, you'll actually get clearance prices there :)

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