Friday, April 9, 2010

An egg-ucation

I'm posting this on my workout/fitness site because it relates to health. This post is about eggs, and its an egg education :)
While driving about 3 miles from my house the other day on a road I've never recalled being on before, I saw an "eggery". That's a place that sells eggs. Chickens in the hen house and fresh eggs. I stopped in a few days later to check it out. I normally buy organic or omega eggs, or at least brown/cage free eggs. I rotate my purchases because the organic and omega's are pretty expensive ($2.50-$3.50 a dozen if I remember right). So I check this place out and sure enough, I can buy my eggs here, fresh from the chickens for only $2 a dozen. For me that's deal, but if you normally buy the regular ones (I think about $1 dozen) this might not be a bargain, but its still good and healthy :) The lady was explaining to me that the eggs in the store are already about 3 months old before they get to the shelves, so when u buy these fresh eggs u can keep them for 4-5 months without going bad. wow! As eggs sit they get air in them, so hers being only a few days old have no air and feel heavier. The yolk stands up firmer and when fried the white stays in a circle instead of spreading all out (from the air). Its true I came home and tried it, sure enough she was right. She did say however, that if you are going to hard boil fresh eggs u should wait about 10 days so they DO get some air in them which will make them easier to peel. Interesting, eh? I never knew any of this stuff! So there you have it, a new egg-ucation! And if you live near me, I'll tell you where she is if you are interested in buying fresh eggs too :)


  1. Renee, that is soo interesting, I had no idea!!! =)

    Thanks for sharing this!


  2. That was cute girl! I love your play on words. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. by the way, update on the prices. I was at the store and realized I was paying $1.78-$2.50 a carton, not $2-$3, SO these fresh eggs are more expensive, but they are supposed to be good for you, so anyway, just wanted to add that, fyi