Saturday, April 17, 2010

sore and happy

Oh I am so sore. I think its a culmination of working arms/back/shoulders for 3 days in a row. I am so sore. But you know, it feels good in a sick sort of way. Although it is also making me tired and I'd love to curl up and take a nap right now. I just might, however, I really want to go get my nails done-they are all chipped and cracking off so they are certainly overdue for a fill. I joined my friend Chris at his gym today for a spin class. My first ever. It was great but certainly hard. I was sweating all over the machine and myself. Then afterwards the same teacher (who was very good and motivating) was teaching pump so we went to that too. Problem was even though I take pump classes every week at my gym, she does more reps than my instructors, so for the first 20 minutes or so I had my weight too heavy...I'm feeling it now! I need a massage!!!!!! ooohhh, that would feel so good. I wish that was on my agenda today, but its not. Before class started we went into what is called the Cinema Cardio room. It had a huge movie screen with a movie playing in the dark and rows of treadmills and ellipticals. I ran on that for almost a mile. It was really cool. Since its dark and u are watching the movie, u pretty much forget that u are working out, and its awesome. No distractions with anything around u (bc its dark and u can't see!) I loved it. His gym is REALLY cool. Clean. New. Hip. Lots of classes and equipment. All in all, very awesome! I wish my gym was like this. However, I LOVE my instructors and my gym buddies so I could never switch gyms unless we all switched together (ha ha) instructors too. And since that isn't likely to happen, my lifetime membership at my gym will just continue. It just goes to show u that the people really make an experience great for you. Even though my gym is dirty and old, I love my peeps there, so I won't leave. I did enjoy my experience though at this new gym. Certainly a great workout. Honestly, though, I think the main reason I am so sore and tired is a culmination of the last 3 days, NOT just from today. So kuddos to everyone involved in giving me great workouts this week! woohoo!

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