Saturday, April 18, 2009

5K and 141

We had beautiful weather today for our 5k run. The rain held off and it was a nice relatively flat course (my favorite ha ha). Had lots of fun running with Jen, and even more fun sprinting to the finish line and hearing my name called as the crowd cheers (am I egotistical to admit that I like that? I don't think so.) That's the reward at the end for all the effort you put into it. I don't know my exact time because I forgot to look at the clock (I NEVER forget to look, I don't know what happened)and I didn't turn off my Garmin timer till after I'd walked over and got my coat&water&walked back to the finish line to cheer on my friends, so I don't have an accurate time there either. I'll look online tomorrow and see if its up yet. May sound silly, but I keep a scrapbook of all my races, so I put all that stuff in there. Bummer though, no medal. (and they were pretty too). Next year I'll have to try really hard in that race, because they even have trophies for first 10 female finishers. A trophy would be cool :) (and there aren't that many participants, so my odds of getting one just went up :) ha ha).
Good news... the scale says 141 today. Only 6 more pounds to go till my goal-yah! I tried on my "goal shorts" last night because I was feeling especially thin yesterday (I had worn my new purple gym shorts in class, and those shorts are inspiring me-maybe I'll post a picture. They are a different style than I normally wear, so I was a bit uncomfortable the first time I wore them (cotton, so a bit clingy). But now I am starting to think they look "athletic" on me, so I like them). Anyway, back to my story. I tried on my "goal shorts" which are a pair of brown bermuda shorts, that fit me slighty baggy at 135. Which is the way I like them to fit. My husband says, the clothes actually look better tighter and that's the way everyone wears them so its more stylish. But I like baggier clothes because they make me FEEL thinner. If something is tight, then I FEEL like I'm bursting out of it like a sausage roll, and that's just NOT attractive to me. Anyway, 4 pounds ago, these shorts were sausage roll status and I was so mad. Today, they fit and are wearable in public (although I still want them a bit looser so they don't hug my butt so much, but that's where the other 6 pounds will come in handy). I am happy to get back into them. With that pair under my belt, I went through my closet and started trying on capris. Got several pair now to choose from to wear comfortably (but still have to get to 135 to get all my "favorites" back on). Slowly, but surely, I AM finally seeing progress though, so I have faith I will be there soon. Hopefully before school lets out and warm weather rolls in for good. Its just so annoying that 4,6,10 pounds can make such a difference in clothes and sizes. That's almost 3 whole size differences in my closet, no wonder I need a bigger closet, I'm housing clothes for 3 body types instead of just one! Tomorrow is Sunday, so no workout, although I am planning on wearing my HRM all day just to see what calories I burn doing nothing. The internet said it would be 1400 for my body/age/etc, so we'll see what the monitor says. These gadgets are so fun!


  1. Congratulations on the race!!!!

    I know what you mean about clothes, I think I have about 2-3 different size in my closet to. Mostly because during "that time" of the month, I feel bloated and want to wear a larger/looser size.

    Congrats on getting back into your goal shorts. That's awesome!

  2. I think you are great!!! You inspire me so much...keep up the hard work it keeps folks like me motivated.